Most Fuji Pro C-41 Films Discontinued

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by nicholas_rapak, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. From Scott Sheppard of Inside Analog Photo, via APUG:
    I have had face to face meeting with Fujifilm this week and this is the deal.

    160s, 160c, 800z and T64 in "ALL SIZES" also Neopan 400 in 120 - GONE...

    With the possibility of some more (chrome)​
    ...leaving only 400H in the "pro" field.
    This is a collective shot to the gut, as most thought Fuji was going to outlast Kodak in the film market. A wholesale axing like this does not bode well for the future, as this is an indicator of serious sector trouble.
    This leaves:
    • No C-41 sheet film made by Fuji
    • Only Neopan 100 in MF B&W
    • Only 400H in C-41 MF
    So much for "Last Man Standing!"
  2. Perhaps it is mainly Hollywood that is keeping negative film viable for Kodak? I don't believe Fuji has that advantage of scale. Hooray for Hollywood!
  3. So far this is just a rumor...let's wait and see. I'd be surprised to see all of these films gone. 64T and 800z have been on the chopping block for years. Don't use them much at all.
  4. Nick: How about a link to that apug forum. I'm a member there and I can't find it.
  5. What about Reala?
    If this is indeed true, then I'll stop using Fuji altogther and move to Kodak. What a slap in the face!
  6. Personally, I didn't think Fuji would outlast Kodak. A lot of people complain about Kodak, but they have been restructuring their film line up to try to keep the rest alive. Trimming the fat if you will. Unfortunately, I liked some of that fat, but that's how it goes.
    Here's the link:
  7. Fuji 400H has been my mainstay after moving a lot of my color work back to film recently. At least that film is staying....for now. It appears there is a Reala / Pro 160S replacement in the works to go up against the new Ektar emulsion.
  8. Where did you hear that?
  9. Scott Sheppard at Inside Analog Photography Radio meet with Fuji Reps on the issue. Check out the APUG link above.
  10. With all these "must buy cancelled film now!" crises my freezer's getting pretty full.
  11. 800z was mentioned back in July 2009 to stopped being made in Sept 2009
  12. in Dec 2009 Fuji (Russ Gunn) said in a press release that Fuji Quickloads would stop being made in April 2010; due to "sales has dropped off to such an extent that they are simply not viable products"; that is a E6 chrome sheet film that is in a quick load pack, Sheet film in E6 is to continue; by the packaging is to be 20 sheets instead of 10.

    This whole decline of films is just like what process camera users went through 15 years ago; products got dropped as usage contacted.
  13. The real shot in the gut for me is Neopan 400 in 120. I really like that film. Don't really care much about the color stuff.
  14. I can (sadly) confirm this. I went to Glazer's yesterday, and they had the email posted directly from Fujifilm stating this discontinuance. They are also discontinuing most slide films in single 120 rolls and 10 sheet boxes, and moving to 20 sheet boxes (for both 4x5 and 8x10), and 5 roll pro packs. I was told that they had been selling far more of the Portra line for 160 iso than the Fuji stuff, so they weren't surprised about that, although they didn't expect the rest of the lineup to go.
  15. This is really disturbing. I too thought that Fuji would be last man standing. Thank goodness Kodak is expanding Ektar to sheet films. I believe you can add Acros in 4x5 as still available, unless I've missed something. I've been reeling from quickloads being dropped.
  16. I suspect it shows Kodak's success in offering two improved generations of Portra films in the last three years. Fuji's only change was the names. It's a cut-throat business.
    I wonder if the end-game will be Fuji in E-6 and Kodak in C-41?
  17. fuji being the last one standing in e-6 doesn't mean much, e-6 lines are dropping like flies in developer........they should be concentrating on their c-41 business IMHO to keep feeding to their frontiers and film processors.
  18. So sad.
    I'm sorry to see Neopan 400 go. I can't imagine the movie industry is a major user of traditional B&W film, so the hobbyist segment probably weighed in significantly on the popularity of this emulsion. And ya know, Kodak TMY2 really is the better product. So right, cut throat business.
  19. The Global economy sure isn't helping matters either. Too bad. I hope ACROS 100 sticks around. I liked Fujicolor 160S. But the Kodak Portra Films are really good, and they've got better market saturation in North America.
    It's a shame about Neopan 400, but with Tri-X, TMY2,and Ilford HP-5+ and Delta 400 around I that market was really overdone. A bigger question is what will happen to their amateur print film market. That's stilll where most new students and people interested in film get started. Looks like a bad summer ahead for film shooters. Probably better to switch now to something in production and put your money on a live horse. Dead ones don't win races....
  20. None of the Fuji pro 120 films have been discontinued in Japan, at least according to their web site as of today. That includes Neopan 400, 100 (Acros), the Velvias, Pro160NC and Pro160NS (my undestanding is that these are upgrded versions of 160c and 160s). I can't speak for sheet or 35mm sizes, though.
    I suspect that your distributor/dealers just don't want to carry them.
  21. Fujifilm has just issued a press release on the discontinuance of three film products:
    This is official. There is no mention of 160C being discontinued. As regards T64, it was dropped a year ago. There was talk of the withdrawal of 800z last year, but then they re-thought it, and the newest press release does not talk about that emulsion at all. The affected films are Neopan 400 120, Superia Reala 135 and 160s 135.
  22. Wait, Reala is gone? I was under the impression that they were redesigning it.
    I am seriously bummed now. I use 400H a fair amount as well as Reala. I guess it is time to stock up on the Reala. I am almost through my stock that I picked up about 2 years ago.
  23. "The remaining films in the Pro 160S range are to be re-branded as Pro 160NS, to fall in line with a global name change. The film itself remains unaltered."
    What does this mean? The non-35mm formats of 160S will continue as 160NS?
  24. WTF. Reala 135??? To hell with them, I'll use Ektar and Portra instead. But I'll keep using Superia.
  25. I think the average Joe/Jane on thinks Fuji or Kodak will keep a film that is unprofitable if one acts concerned; get petitions signed; writes letters. Few really understand basic business. Products in decline tend to vanish; today or 5000 years ago. Film is a perishible product; it requires a massive capital outlay; it rots if unsold just like food. With further declines in film usage; expect more products to be dropped.
  26. Instead of petitions buy film and shoot more often, money talks louder
  27. That's what I'm doing. I even upgraded my film scanner (the new one is only 6 years old!)
    Lately I've been exercising my F75 and noticing how many cameras I'm seeing that are a lot older than mine. It's like the warm weather has brought all the classic shooters out of hiding. I saw a college girl with a C220, two girls with an OM each and one had a Diana, a guy with a manual Canon, a man with an old Nikon and two separate middle aged men with old Pens and a few others I didn't see well enough to identify - in one trip downtown. I was a bit embarrassed by my film camera that looks like a digital.
  28. This is sad and disappointing news, even though I won't be personally affected - I'm not a fan of these emulsions (spectral characteristics being the main problem), and I'm already primarily running on frozen stocks of discontinued 120-format films!
    If Fuji have to rationalize their product offerings, why not leave the unique films like Pro 800Z alone, and instead reduce duplication in their slide films? I always thought that having 4 different ISO 100 E6 films in 120 format made no sense...Astia 100; Provia 100F; Velvia 100; Velvia 100F. WTF?
  29. If you remove the words college and girl, it might have been me you saw with the OM :D
    Doing more searching it seems like there is confusion about Reala (including with me). It appears that Reala has been temporarily pulled with a successor coming to "stand up" to Ektar. It isn't actually discontinued. Its replacement Reala Superia 2.0 is coming soon. Which I can't wait for, unless they pump the colors a lot, I like the colors the way they are. Finer grain, higher resolution, higher Dmax all good, colors should stay the same.
  30. "Doing more searching it seems like there is confusion about Reala..."
    And everything else related to this. Which announcement do we believe?
  31. Where is all this stuff about a replacement Reala coming from?
  32. i wonder if they will continue calling their digital cameras Fujifilm cameras - lol!
  33. What else does Fuji make if not film? Anyway, for 50 years Kodak was the only game in town and everybody was happy. This is actually a good development. More business for Kodak.
  34. Probably better to switch now to something in production and put your money on a live horse. Dead ones don't win races....
    Russ said it best.
    Its time to look for reasons to go out and buy more film.
    Not off eBay. At the camera store.
    Kodak's Portra line is exceptional and so are the remaining E6 lines from both Fuji and Kodak. Hopefully they can stick around a while longer because C41 is NO substitute from chrome.
  35. I still have enough Fuji neg and 'chrome in my freezer to feed my Nikkormats. But I've hedged my bets and bought a D90. Their Pro 160s is pretty good stuff, e.g. below.
  36. As attached ...
  37. I have 4 rolls of 160S and 1 400H and a Kodak UC400 in my chest freezer, :D
    I did try Portra NC160 which had a yellow shift, the VC160 from same purchase date was way better. Maybe a bad sample, if people say the Portra films are so good I may get a roll again of NC and VC and try them out. Overexpose 2/3 like they say .... and do some at its stated EI.
  38. I missed Konica Impressa 50, never tried.
    Now I don't have Kodak Ultra Color 100 - my fav. The colors really pop. That was point and shoot while I was on vacation. I still have a UC400 in the freezer.
  39. 35mm 160S is relabelled from the link, sooo ... what happens to the 120 format name?
    So the 160C and 400H and 800Z will be a diff naming structure? Sounds odd to me.....
  40. The stuff Joe Six pack uses in one shot camera is asa 800 Superia; a 4 layer film. Sales of this stuff helps support the lessor used products; which are used an order or two less.
  41. What else does Fuji make if not film?
    Fuji is heavily in the medical imaging market, and makes many superior products to GE, Kodak, and AGFA in my usage there.
  42. Portra and Ektar are fine films and are what I have always prefered. I do feel sorry for those of you that relied on these tools.
  43. Now with NOBODY making tungsten films, "film is dead" is sounding truer all the time. How DEPRESSING! 'Better go out and grab some Fuji 64T and stick it next to the Kodachromes in the freezer. It is (was) excellent film - much better than Kodak's tungsten. Stick a 30 magenta filter on the lens and it made superb citiscapes at night. Now all "we" (they/them) want is mediocre electronic images.
  44. How long will it be till Photo.Net eliminates "Film & Processing"?
  45. To quote Chester A. Riley "what a revolting development this is."
  46. Meanwhile, China is making more cheap film.
  47. Why can't you just use a filter when shooting in tungsten light?
  48. Hmm. If there was only one tungsten print film, and it hasn't been selling well enough to continue it, I think that just means tungsten film isn't very important in the big picture.
    Isn't tungsten itself becoming less important? There are countries where it's not legal to sell incandescant light bulbs to the public.
  49. Ray - I have a ton of 100UC (120 and 35mm) in case you're interested.
  50. I live in New Zealand :)
    Thanks but I am not going to dwell into discontinued film.
  51. reala and superia wills till be available?
    I like them both very much. they are good to me, especially the price-quality proportion.
  52. From what I read, Superia still there. I mean what, take away the supermarket film, haha, nice one. What is my mum and dad going to use.
    Reala which is only in 35mm now I think, no more 120? Reala is canned.
    I am confused, see below. Does it mean Pro160S is gone for 35mm but still available under a diff name for 120 format? Or does it mean "all" Pro160S is gone but reincarnated unde a diff name?
    Fujifilm Professional has announced the withdrawal of three of its films. The affected products are Neopan 400 120, Superia Reala 35mm, and Pro 160S 35mm.
    The remaining films in the Pro 160S range are to be re-branded as Pro 160NS, to fall in line with a global name change. The film itself remains unaltered.
  53. Is Pro 160S gone for 35mm but still available for other formats? Or is it all gone but all come back in a diff name?
  54. It is disontinued in 35mm. It will stick around in the other formats under the name Pro 160NS.
  55. Thanks Zoltan
    I would of thought the S was the more popular one. So C H Z will remain.... hmm.....
  56. I have never shot 160s myself, but here is a photo I took on 160c last fall:
  57. The most interesting thing of all, is that with all the discussion going on, Fuji Film head office has not come out with a press release speeling out exactly what the heck is going on. Who does these guys marketing?
  58. I mentioned something about the 4x5 Quickloads being discontinued in February, 2010, but the inferrence was made that I was rumor mongering. However, this is seriously a bad sign!
  59. Time to start stocking the freezer with brick after brick!
  60. Film is not dead. And will never be. Digital is digital. How many accesories are made for digitals? How many are for film? If you take a digital camera you'll never need another "senzor". And we need this film senzor for our photos. Digital photography will never offer the same sense that offers the film. Maybe I am too melancolic, but this is what I feel.
    And I guess Fuji will came with new stuff in town...maybe for another few years. I hope. And I hope Fuji fill think again about Neopan 120. Is a wonderfull film.
    In Europe, at Fuji Lab, Neopan 120 is still there, for a while :)
  61. Mircea, no, film isn't completely dead, but it is dying. We have to face that reality, if not our own impotense in curtailing it. When I heard Fuji ridding their version of tungsten, at the beginning of this forum several days ago, it was like the day last June D-Day for Kodachrome. The digital powers-that-be will not tolerate a world where film.paper/chemicals/darkrooms exist, like big oil will not tolerate electric powered cars. It's ALL politics 1st, the failing economy 2nd, and declining film sales 3rd.
  62. Thank you DF, but...
    Yesterday I developed two movies, Ilford Pan F +, bulk, received from someone. Films have been underexposed, I think with about 3 stops, because there was almost nothing on them. Maybe that person was wrong about notation or film inside.
    Steel developing tank that I have, made me some problems, also yesterday, with Fuji Neopan 1600. Being older movie, I could not make it right. Or do not know what happened. Several shots were glued together.
    That was my first two films broken. I was very upset. Avus not even one day too colorful.
    But I never give up. And I managed to make two films Ilford HP5 +. They came out well. It was like a ray of sunshine above the clouds of black.

    What I mean is that the digital will not provide the same feelings of emotion, the same joys, same vision ... whatever will be the future of film.
  63. People will still be shooting film 150 years from now - and it will probably be made by Ilford. Only this last Saturday I met a guy in a bookshop who had just gone out and bought a Leica M6 and was setting up a darkroom.
  64. I have the official list from Fuji that might help to clear some of this up, but I can't attach the scans in either Safari or Firefox. What looks like a dialog box starts to come up but stays blank. Any help?
  65. I work at a pro-lab in Austin and we just got the new Price Sheet from Fuji.
    The Neopan is still on there as is 400H in 35mm, 120 and 220, also Realla in 120 propaks (5 rolls).
    All the E-6, Instant and B&W is still the same.
    But, gone are the 160S and C and 800z in any size.
    There wasn't even any official notice in the letter. It just advised you to take note of films that weren't on there, without any explicit list.
  66. why can't they just make a smaller sub division? There is still a market for it. Ilford is still around.
  67. Hello, I am from Mexico, the Last Man Standing here, and I went to buy reel of film as I usually do for my weddings, and Fuji didn´t have professional negative left, I bought from New York some for the work I needed to end up this year, but that´s it, the guys in Fuji Mexico told me the professional color negative factory is closed, no more film!!! So now I am really sad, I was the only freaking photographer in my entire country shooting negative, even with some stupid people making fun of me for that. Now I have two ways left: Do like Jorge Gasteazoro and say "Digital killed photography" and start painting. Or to start doing digital. I am for real a photographer, I don´t do digital I always said, I only do photography. Now even Fuji abandon me, and some of you too. Now my friends please tell me your best advise.
  68. Fuji's supply has become so erratic I can't actually figure out what products they currently offer. I've gone over to Kodak entirely - they're doing what they can to keep their product line current, and the new Portra 400 (don't know if it's available in Mexico yet but easy to get from New York in 120, 220 and large formats, and starting to come in stock in 35mm) is fantastic stuff.
  69. Tagging this now, several months later, I just ordered more, fresh 160S 35mm Fujicolor from a PhotoNet sponsor. No problems; no delays in delivery are expected and the price was about a dollar per roll cheaper than Kodak's comparable offering.

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