Machine learning creates professional level photographs

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  1. I do not mean to minimize the accomplishments of AI in art. As my inadequate outline above should suggest they clearly derive from a ton of expert work.

    Not that I feel inadequate or anything, "f8 and be there" is hard enough, the most important thing remains finding something to say and a concept with which to say it.
  2. ... because all the computer knows is the data you feed it- it might pick up a biased view of the world with biased results ... then it surpasses human knowledge and surprises us. What I look forward to is AI created art as humans take a step back from the machine and give it the freedom to travel its own path (teach itself) which I think will happen or has begun with an AI like 'alphago zero'. All alphago can do is play go. There are set rules for the game of go but a mind boggling number of optional moves. Alphago found unimagined (by masters) moves/ strategies. It surprised pretty much everyone.
    Making art is not as easily defined. It is exciting to consider what AI will conceive. new moves.
  3. My rule I just made up: don't bet against computers at anything that admits child prodigies. Things like sociology seem safe (LOL @ a 5 y.o. Karl Marx).
  4. Yes. The reason why art and the creative process isn’t easily defined is that it exists within the domain of abstract thinking (a human faculty) instead of computational processing power based on a vast number of data inputs, like an alpha go A.I. Art and creativity require a large amount of abstract thinking which is precisely what an A.I. can’t do.
  5. to be sure. But where is the line. That is why I think it is so fascinating being present during the beginning of AI and questioning if AI can/will create art.
  6. Well, the line is consciousness. It’s more likely for A.I. processors to be implemented in the human brain to more directly yield an A.I.’s processing power (and the brain probably being fried) then an A.I. becoming conscious on its own.
  7. ... time will tell with AI. animals have consciousness and some believe are capable of abstract thinking. I find myself wondering about that line, even more now with AI.
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  8. Now if I decide to have a few beers at the local Pub and let said driverless car take me home am I safe from a possible DWI? I never have more than I beer when out as it stands.
  9. Notice the phrase "A day will come" in his text. That day hasn't come yet.
  10. To be as safe as it purports to be every single vehicle would have to be automated. And for such automation to happen any car would have to be constrained to a given track, like a railroad.

    Imagine driving the Mythical American Roadtrip like this. F$ck that! I’ll rather walk the distance.
  11. THIS is the car (a sweet, subtle Buick Riviera) I’d rather drive as if everyone's life depended on it, not some Minority Report "I'm stuck in a moving cubicle and I guess I just have to go wherever it takes me" nonsense.
  12. Any future that’s dependent on more automation as the means to alleviate personal responsibility is no future at all.
  13. @Any future that’s dependent on more automation as the means to alleviate personal responsibility is no future at all' Phil.

    The thing is Phil we are a very dependant species biologically or technology speaking. Did you know that 47% of your body is made up with little microbes without them...well. How would you do without your smart phone or how would the majority of ports be run without A1 intelligence. Just a example. Of course your never ending thoughts are that A1 is just a number crunching machine with the limitations that implies.

    Why back in time deep blue defeated the world chess champion. The programmer's taught it to play chess. and then it moved on from their simple understandings of chess to be something else.

    The reality is automation runs the world and behind it is a form of A1 intelligence..

    The big question is whether it will form a self awareness or what many call a soul. With the advent of quantum computers, and their massive processing power, the possibility is more likely than not.

    The magic of humanity is our imagination. What we imagine we create whether Art or Technology which really are birds of a feather.

    Both the creation of imagination.
  14. Methinks my friend you are lost in the days.

    Strange, indeed, when your photography is so much about the creativity of imagination .

  15. If we/us decide that we/us want to create A1 intelligent that is what we will do.

    Yes, we were given this ability by the divine. Or, the little shrew thing that we were has evolved from, has now the ability to create from its imaginations.

    Our unique Art..
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    Just for you, Sandy.

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    Proper Montana girls.
  19. Methinks, jail time for Allen.

    Any chance of a KFC while I'm locked up? Love the stuff.
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