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  1. just as there are more mp3 players that DAT players. what’s your point, oh-sooth-sayer?
  2. basic parts of the system are screwed beyond what most, regular, internet users could imagine. i have two avatars, some people can’t amend their personal details, giving money to the site is a nightmare. duplicate posts are two a penny.
  3. it’s seems there has been a gross travesty of justice with macroneon falsely charged, tried and convicted of violating a member’s private space when all that happened was 1. macroneon posted a single comment on gbaldrich’s portfolio. the comment was, admittedly, cryptic. please bear in mind the pair were “connected” 2. the system screwed up and inserted one comment 4 times. 3. gbaldrich rightly queried this and requested remedial action. 4. glenn intervenes and deletes user macroneon. 5. recriminations fly. mebbe, next time, a bit more pm communication from all involved would be a good thing. (glenn can’t you check the logs to see if macroneons posts were four separate posts or one post repeated 4 times in rapid succession)
  4. for some reason some users don’t have permission to view their Personal Details.
  5. if you click on your name (top right of the page) you can access your Personal Details. Click on the Account drop down and select Change Username. It worked for me yesterday so hopefully it is still working :)
  6. Fair enough, Sanford but, as an aside, you should contact the admins to get them to tone down the alerts
  7. duh, how many Ls in Additionally? You’d better stick to acronyms Mark. They are easier to spell. (I wonder if Mark knows LMAO is also an acronym for Like My Ass Open)
  8. Mark, you search the archives. You can’t move on can you, which is ironic given your sentimental claptrap screen name.
  9. and if i have reframed it into to something we all agree on, why are you bringing up what it may have been about. if we all agree credit should be given to the source let’s do that.
  10. it takes two shakes of a lamb’s tail* to find the original source of a photo award, why not post a link to that? *mebbe a bit longer for some
  11. it’s not a left/right bickering, it’s about giving credit to the original source. if der eu luvin’ graun filched sites the way the daily heil did i would raise issue with that.
  12. that is so sad. you have my sympathy.
  13. Well at least we can agree on something. Let’s build on that.
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