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  1. We’ll be in trouble when AI develops feelings.
  2. Not sure how tongue-in-cheek you’re trying to be, but I’m not suggesting AI has or will have feelings. I don’t think an AI system would need to HAVE feelings in order to make art that would make me feel. Just like I don’t think Chopin had to be sad when he composed his funeral march. Art is often transformative from input to output, from source to viewer. Trees and sunsets don’t feel but I sure do respond with feeling when I see them ...
  3. If art wants to have emotional resonance, it needs to have emotional resonance. There are many ways that can come about. Rock formations can have great emotional resonance and I don’t believe rocks or whatever events produced those rocks have experienced the state of mind that are produced when I view them.
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  4. Again, this is begging the question. We’re discussing whether machines can produce art. You can’t simply declare art as something integrally human when that’s the very thing we’re disagreeing about. You’d have to give actual reasons why a machine can’t produce art comparable to what a human can produce WITHOUT resorting to repeating over and over again that art is a human endeavor.

    Now, of course, there are many ways to beg this question, for instance, by insisting without reason that art has to be made by a conscious being or has to be produced by an emotional being. But those would simply be not so sly ways of saying art must be produced by a human. As consciousness and emotions become more understood and have more and more physical explanations and we understand them more and more as physical systems, it makes so much sense that a machine will reproduce at least enough aspects of both emotion and consciousness to produce art that will not only mimic human art but that will likely eventually far surpass it in range.

    For some reason, this is a threat to some. I see it as a great opportunity and something filled with possibility.
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  5. lol

    Reason by self-evidence precludes discussion. Thanks for that. Finis.
  6. Soulless computers don't produce art. They can't think and they don't know right from wrong. Software engineers who write the programs produce the art, fake the thinking and hopefully restrict their danger. Like the Wizard of Oz, when you pull back the AI curtain, all you see is some guy pulling a bunch of levers.
  7. Knowing right from wrong is what makes us human. Without it, then we're just computers.
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  8. "We’ll be in trouble when AI develops feelings." David.

    "We will all be in trouble when our species develop feelings" Allen.

    Hey Ho we are not too troubled by them we just ignore them.

    " ascribing human characteristics to A.I. beyond it merely being a tool to yield, like paintbrushes and cameras are tools." Phil.

    Once a open a time we were little shrew type creatures if we believe in the evolutionary Darwin theories.

    Describing human characteristics to a little shrew is beyond it merely being a tool to yield, like paintbrushes and cameras are tools." Phil.

    Tick top goes the clock.

  9. Alan, Phil.

    Technology has moved on from your commodore 64;)
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  10. " Like the Wizard of Oz, when you pull back the AI curtain, all you see is some guy pulling a bunch of levers" Alan

    Way back in time a computer called Deep Blue was able to challenge and beat the current world champion. Those guys pulling the levers must have been master chess players or is the reality...

    "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" Aristotle. Think synergy.

    Blade runner, West world and Mr Data in Star Trek have the common theme of A1 intelligence trying to emulate or become superior to humanity-they are endlessly searching for a soul which humanity claims makes them very special. I would suspect that A1 intelligent when it reaches a certain level of awareness will be very happy with their own soul without the desire to emulate humanity. Lets be honest we are not the err best role models.

    I think they will be able to create their own Art without the need to slavishly copy humanity.

    Phil, it is all about technology. We are a product of biological technology shaped and perfected over time to enable us to survive in our environment.
  11. xxxx.jpg Different but still friends and partners.
  12. And why would you think A1 intelligence would be any different other than not being a biological entity. I think you are endlessly saying we are unique and special and always be a superior life form to anything which will ever exist. Religion?

    “We pronounce, judge, and declare, that you, the said Galileo… have rendered yourself vehemently suspected by this Holy Office of heresy, that is, of having believed and held the doctrine (which is false and contrary to the Holy and Divine Scriptures) that the sun is the canter of the world, and that it does not move from east to west"

    Anyway, think I will have a play with my commodore 64;)
  13. ." But information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom" Phil.

    Information and knowledge are birds of a feather, Phil. Bet the Aztecs were well pleased to learn about the wheel;) Wisdom is achieved by not being controlled by fixed ideas and having a open mind-knowledge/information are the pre requisites of the inquiring mind on a path to wisdom.

    Technology is the invention of the imagination; the staid of mind struggles to see further than the present day lacking the imagination.
  14. "Don't get me started on all the popular myths surrounding Galileo's trial. Yawn. But the vehement questioning of theories which at one point weren’t considered to be plain scientific truths as they are today isn’t at all reserved to religious inquiry; it’s the whole modus operandi of science itself (there’s also a link between Christianity, and the development of scientific research" Phil.

    Not sure what you implying by using the word "myth" ,suffice to say he had a very unhappy time due to the fixed ideas of the time. Of course religion has been dragged along by science , silently screaming , in the fear of the faithful losing the faith.
  15. What we imagine we create. Our imagination calls to us and we respond.

    Call it technology, call it art; the exploration of the unknown.

    Just terminology.
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  16. Yes, we are magical creatures blessed by the divine. I know this is true because my mate Phil. told me so.. and he gets really annoyed if you do not accept his thoughts. Never mind sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me so it goes;) Thanks for your thoughts, Phil. Chill.

  17. You are a Christian, Phil.

    A born again Christian?
  18. Once upon a time I lived in a box and it was a happy box. I understood, it was just was a box, with four walls, but it was my happy and comfortable box.

    Then one day I pocked my finger outside the box.

    I saw other folk living in boxes and wondered why we all lived in boxes.

    Of course my box was the best box because I lived in it all the time.
  19. Methinks not.

    We like to ponder and eventually come to the correct conclusion.

    Hmm we invented the computer and cracked the enigma code which to a large part won the war.

    Do not worry, we will always be the cool voice of humanity,

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