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  1. I usually don't comment on equipment, but am pretty impressed with my new Acratech GP ball head. It's unusual looking, but works like a charm. Not cheap at $400, but worth the expense if one is seeking a solid ball head that weighs in a just under one pound, reverses to allow taking perfectly level panoramas and has a gimbal head feature that adds flexibility to composing vertical shots. Anyone else have this ball head? What do you think of it? I am able to use my old camera mounting plates as they are Arca-Swiss compatible. Check it out at Thought this might be helpful. Larry
  2. Acratech ball heads are an acquired taste. If you like them, you can't get enough. I'm more of a beer than wine person, and happy with conventional ball heads. I have an Arca B1 (ancient), an RRS BH-55 and BH-40. Mousetraps are only better if they catch more mice. Acratech's claims to have a better mousetrap don't make any sense to me.
  3. Can't say much about Arcatech, but there is like 6-8 really good brands out there. I went with Arca Z1 recently and it's the offshoot of the old B1....and it will take 130lbs, so that's even good for large format cameras. I have a feeling that it will take me 30yrs to wear out....and it will do superb panoramas as well. Hmmm, it's light but v. stout too.
  4. I have an Acratech ballhead also. Just got it last year and haven't had much chance to get to know it (yet) but yes, I agree it's a great piece of equipment!
  5. When I looked at the Acratech design, I noted the clamping mechanism is positive and capable of locking tightly. The head is light weight and perfect for my carbon travel tripod.
    Would I buy another Acratech? Yes, but I would get the lever clamp because I have accidentally loosened the clamp knob (not good) while fussing with the head in the dark.
  6. They look to be good and I have an Acratech levelling base, but I don't think they are as revolutionary as they seem to think they are. There are other brands that are as good and about the same price RRS, Arca-Swiss, Kirk etc. etc. But they look just fine.
  7. [​IMG]
    For folks who haven't seen one.
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  8. Does it make coffee?
  9. Yeah, I have one on a cf tripod and love it. Maybe it's just me, but most bits of kit have something wrong with them and induce grumps and bad language - but this Acratech on a Gitzo is a wonderful exception. And it's light for what it does.
  10. I use an Acratech Ultimate Ballhead. I do not know how it differs from the Acratech GB Ballhead but I am very pleased with what have.

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