Horizontal lines in BW and Color film issues

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by eric_hinckley, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. I am getting horizontal lines on all
    frames. On BW film, it's a black line.
    On color film, it's a green line. Is
    this a light issue with my curtains or
    maybe something scraping the negative
    as I advance. I use an OM-1 with
    different lenses and same results. I
    develop my own BW but have a local lab
    develop my color. All come back with
    small lines. 90% of them are 1/3 down
    from top but some are 1/3 from bottom. The lines are approximately 1/8 inch thick on BW and 1/4 inch on color.
    Any help in identifying the issue is
  2. 1/8 thick on the negative or the print? Black on the negative or print? Green on the negative or print?
  3. My bad. After I scan the negs. I'm using an Epson v600.
    Looking around it may be the scanner. Thoughts?
  4. It is probably the scanner or possibly the scanner software. I saw a thinner line when using VueScan on my older Epson 1650 scanner, but no line when using Epson Scan software. If you have a second software package, I suggest you try it and see if it makes a difference. If you are not using VueScan, you can download it and try it. If you are using VueScan, try Epson Scan and see if the lines remain.
    If the lines remain with both scan packages, you scanner needs to be serviced or replaced.
  5. Awesome, thanks. I've scanned about 15 rolls with this
    scanner and about 5 rolls ago, I started having the
    issues. Maybe dust or something? I'll check it out and
    see. Thanks for the info
  6. Lines on the negatives or slides=scratches from the camera, handling, or processing transport system.
    Lines in the scans=scanner needs a thorough cleaning internally.
  7. On an Epson scanner if you're getting lines clean dust out of the calibration window at the top of the scan area. This window is formed by a cutout at the top of the film holder.
  8. Sounds like the scanner. If you move the film on the scan glass and rescan, does the line move?
    Top or bottom might be which way you put the film in, but for a flat bed scanner, you can move the film around in more ways.
  9. Do you use a loop to look at your negatives?
  10. Cleaned scanner quite well and all issues gone. Thanks

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