Hin's LBA/CBA challenge - April 15-July 15 - who's playing?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by rose_duclos, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Since the game begins today and we should keep track of this - who's playing?

    I know Hin suggested it and seems pretty gungho from all the posts he's
    written, this past week. Who else will be joining him. I will...

    1. Hin Man.
    2. Rose Duclos
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?

    Let's begin the list here, and that way we can monitor each other's progress.
  2. Count me in as #3
  3. Wow, to July 15th..That is kinda of long. Let me see what I can buy today and start tomorrow....

    Just kidding, I am in #4
  4. #5
    I'm in no $$$ left (spent it all on the weekend - no kidding) and the kit is in good shape.
  5. I don't think I post enough to even count, but I'm in. The DA* 50-135 and DA* 16-45 (the only 2 lenses I can imagine on my list) will take me many months to save for. I can live with my kit, my FA 50, and my Sigma 70-300 APO for quite awhile (like I have a choice).
  6. I could not play, and try to play tempter with photos of lovely lenses I've just bought, and the lovely bokeh they produce...

    ...but that's far too expensive, I have not been here very long at all, but count me in!
  7. I would be in...but I just cannot give up my eBay watch list. Sorry guys! There is also an auction I'm watching that ends in a few days and I would *really* like to win. But I'll be sure to stop in and let you know about all the awesome deals I get.

    Just kidding! I fully support your cause, guys. And remember, *I'm* the one who hasn't bought any lenses in ~40 days :)
  8. Ok John Paul, I'm putting together a list - and being here long or not - you're now committed to 'playing' our 3 month hiatus-challenge. - you're player #8. :)
  9. I forgot about the "no watch-list" rule... lemme go knock that out now. I can still have my monopod watch-list, right?
  10. Abe, just no watching lenses and cameras. the other equipment is open season. ;)
  11. I will join as soon as I am finished buying.
  12. Danny, that sounds rather wishy washy - you must give a date to start - if it's not in keeping with our 'competition' standards - Or I won't put you on the list. If I did, every purchase you made would deserve considerable nagging from the rest of us - and, we'd probably have to prepare a punishment for your crimes...

    When will you finish 'buying' exactly?
  13. Sorry but, please don't assign me a number. With ya'll out of the ebay auction insanity I'll be able to score a bargain or two.

    Though I know why you pick'd July 15th cause on August 1st or soon after you get shot at one of these:


  14. I just pulled the trigger on a FA 31mm limited this morning... Guess I'm already out game ;) (GAWD...I hope it's worth it...) The FA 77mm limited is not too far behind, then I'll be done, really I'll be done.... I can stop any time I want...I don't have a problem...

    You know I've been thinking that DA 18-250.... sure would make a great walk around vacation lens. There were a lot of casual shots I missed in Florida last weekend because I didn't have the range covered... hummmmm....

    OK the 77mm limited then the DA 18-250, then I'll be really done.... yea, yea that's the plan....

  15. a_hem... you do realize that this particular forum entry is to list the people WHO are taking a break from LBA...

    (As if those 'non-competitors' aren't obvious enough in their desire to rub our noses in it... )
  16. I'm going to keep my options open. I figure the prices for top-notch lenses is going to plummet if you guys stick to your vows. If a serious upgrade presents itself at a great price, I'm going for it.
  17. I'm in. Just didn't have time to post last night. Master of my domain!
  18. Ok, Nick - I believe you're 9 on our list.

    I don't believe our group are really going to 'lower the prices on lenses at ebay' Dave... WE may shop - but not THAT much...

    Day 1 today... be strong folks. If anyone asks you to look at any glass, or tells you about a sale - please don't look... I don't want to be the only one crossing the finish line, in July. :)
  19. Rose, you're soooooooo safe with me. My allowance total might be enough to pawnshop with some of these playas, but the priority is just not there. Like Nick: MASTER! {biceps glaring}
  20. I'm in... I keep torturing myself by checking out ebay once a day (down from every 2 hrs), so i'm on the right track...
  21. I haven't purchased anything in the past 48 hours so can I join too. I do contribute here, if somewhat irregularly.
  22. not to be pessimistic, but where do we post when we are no longer masters of our domain? will there be a separate thread for non-masters of their domains??
  23. Cout me out. With Spring scheduled to appear here in Maine later in May, I am looking at getting a macro.
  24. Perhaps as each of YOU drop (not me, right? :) one should post "I'm out" or similar with pics of new gear, and photos with it. Just to up the ante for those still in.
  25. I'm hearing pessimism this early in the game? Come on gang - it's day one... we've got 3 months ahead of us. And, I'm routing for you all.

    We'll have a weekly check in - and, make it open for who-ever needs to vent about temptations - to help them not succumb. If I can do this - anyone can!

    So, do what it takes. Don't look at ebay for a while, don't check out craigslist, and ... avoid the sale ads on pentaxforum (@mis...)

    After we know the list is finalized (I'm expecting we may have stragglers signing on for the next few days) - we'll work out how to get through this little shopping hiatus. Perhaps we'll have each person take a day with a lens, or camera - and post the positives they've discovered from the experience. This won't be to tempt others to shop- mind you! - it's to realize how good our equipment is, and what it can do - without the need to shop constantly for more and more and more.

    As well - we may consider the idea of the buddy system. Each of us, taking on a buddy to pull each other away from the urge to HAVE the latest doo-hicky. In essence, similar to AA - we'll set up a 12 step program. And we'll strive to kick this addiction of ours - one day at a time.
  26. Tell ya what Rose, If I slip I'll Paypal you $20.00 (+ $1.00 for the fees) that you can send to Lance Armstrong's charity. You up to collecting? Of course it requires the honour system. But if you wanna keep tabs on my Ebay account (check the fb) I'll email you the profile name.
  27. Peter, I could collect - but I think it more important that you take ownership for yourself - meaning - and this is what I'm doing - Put the money where it counts - what do you normally spend on these cameras monthly? ... have any of us really thought of this? For me - it's between $300 to $700 every 2 months. Yes, that's right - I am owning up to it - here - and so should the rest of you. Think about it - how much do you spend on cameras? lenses? either on a weekly, monthly? bi-monthly? basis. Be honest about this.

    Now - take that money - and in the next three months - put it to the side - as if you were buying those lenses, or cameras...

    If - you can make it to the 3 month period - it's yours - free, clear, - AND YES - you earned it. Won't it make you feel good, knowing you controlled your addiction for that long, and the money you would have spent on the 'small' purchases - could go toward one big one, that lens or camera you've always wanted, and never 'saved' enough for?

    What lens would it be, if you were saving up for it - slow and steady - and you don't have to tell us this response, unless you really want to.

    And finally - if you fail - it's not about sending off money to charity - although that would be a good cause to support... it's about not havin will power, and buying way to many lenses and equipment than we can 'really' use and appreciate.

    Yes. I admit it - I have a problem. I have 10 cameras now. yes. that's right - 10. I use 3 of them regularly. I bought a camera 2 weeks ago, that I haven't taken out yet - and am getting another one in the mail, a kind gift from a dear friend and fellow LBA addict. :)

    I have a problem with lenses too. I recently bought an ugly Albinar zoom - without having any idea that it was a sucky lens - just because I thought I was getting a deal. It's a peice of junk - and in the same breath as that, I'd spent 3 weekends in a row - wasting time watching ebay for other lens bargains... labelling about 12 of them as "I must have one of those"... I didn't bid, realizing that I can't afford all the lenses that I'd thought of as 'must haves'.

    None of them are worth spit compared to the 31mm or the 77mm... so why was I looking?

    I have a problem of wasting money - thinking that I could be getting a great bargain, and forgetting the bigger picture...

    The big picture is really a great camera with just enough good focal length lenses to make it take the pictures as I want. A road map shows that I have a good collection of these lenses now. Yes, I'm missing the extremely wide end, and the telephoto - but, I have enough to learn on. Hell - I have multiple lenses for at least half of the cameras that I own... How I'll ever use all of them, goodness knows... but I have them...

    And, now - I'm interested in M42 and lenses for the Praktica. I HAVE a problem.

    Now you can all fess up - and admit to this too... your problem may not be as big as mine - or - it may be worse... but the only way to fix a problem is to step away, and think about what you're doing wrong... and stop doing it. FIX the PROBLEM.
  28. @Hin - Day one - and I already feel smarter... :D
  29. Admitting the problem takes the initial big step to fixing it, thank you Rose and I am proud of you. I hope to stay with you all till the finish line. The only way that I see getting through the period is to stay focused with a plan. You've got to have goal settings in the 3 months. My prior week is to sort out all of my unused gear and started using it and plan to trim it down. What if Pentax has a $200 dicsount, what do we do? I don't have the answer for you, they can screw us all with a $400 rebate on K20 or a $200 rebate on the DA 35 Macro, but do we need them? I know what you are thinking.

    We are all tempted with the possibilities of yet another gear. We are all human and we want many things in life not needed. Appreciate our gear and have a plan to use all of our old buddies in our drawer not touched for months and years. You can reference my planning for my our gear in my blog page in which I sort out the likeness on each gear and pursue to have a to-sell-donate-gift list so that I am in control of my gear in my passion, not the other way. There are times when I open up my drawer, I ask where does one of my lens go, there are way too many and their cap look the same and I realize I have way too many. It is a scary thought to have unused gear, any gear not used is an expensive one.
  30. Hin, we'll approach that hurdle when we get to it. If we get to it. I'd waited for months for another rebate, and havent even cashed my rebate check yet, hoping for it - but, It's not the end of the world. These rebates, when they happen, run for a while. It's not that they admit one, and then only run for a month... the last rebate ran for 3 months. And the next will probably have similar timing.

    I am considering my lenses now - the roadmap idea you'd mentioned so many times, is a good one. What exactly are we doing with our photography? Do we tend to take the same type of pictures all the time? Is there a specific interest we have, that hasn't been approached because of a lack of appropriate glass? What other equipment have we put off buying because of our attraction to lenses?

    lights? reflectors? flash? extention tubes? remote controls? tripod? monopod? Would any of these items improve the pictures we take now? Or not?

    Have we skimped on the basics, because of an addiction to collecting glass?

    I too have too many of everything, and two drawers of equipment that is so cluttered it's beyond words. In the next week, I will make a list of what I have, and try to organize them better. I too may end up doing a donation of a few of my cameras. It seems as good a place to start as any other...
  31. Count me out. As soon as the new 300/f4 shows up I'm buying it. I'm hoping the new 1.4TC will come out at the same time. Don't be too hard on me though, I just got started and I am entitled to a couple decent lenses.
  32. Brad, just because we're addicts doesn't mean that you are. good luck with the new lens. :) I hope you'll post some pictures so we can see what it can do.
  33. My Johnson baby

  34. Wrong thread, my friend!
  35. I'm out, just picked up:

    K1000 with pentax a 28-80mm 3.5-4.5, vivitar 2800 flash, release cable and bag. $100CDN

  36. I do not visit here that often, but I dearly need to join the LBA/CBA 12 step program...

    I am upping the ante, however, as I am currently SELLING a K10D, just sold a F50mm f1.7, sold the DA 50-200 recently along with the Sigma 18-50 f2.8, and GASP!, loaned the 16-45 out to a potential buyer.

    Next up is one of my MZ-S bodies, the last *istds I own (I gave the other one to a nephew), and my 24-90 that I just do not use.

    The ZX-L will go on the block soon as well, and I am seriously thinking about selling the K100D now that I have the K20D to cover high ISO work.

    There is more, but y'all should seriously think about letting go of some stuff as part of your therapy.

  37. Well, my strategy seems to have worked: I picked up one of the lenses on my roadmap at a reasonable price (eBay) and a TC (retail) and have now exhausted the account.

    I could be tempted by a 135mm AF but it would have to be a *very, very* good deal: I really do like the MF I've got at that range and I need to save money for one of the new telephoto zooms which are expected later this year.

    Bottom line: I'm on the wagon for the time being.
  38. Dave, Forget the FA 135mm f2.8. I've owned 2 (one I had for awhile, bought new. Another in a "lot deal" on Ebay. Better on film than digital. I tested the lens against my Sigma 70-200 f2.8 @135mm. The tests were at various apertures, including wide open. The Sigma is a touch sharper and the Pentax has some CA issues on a digital body. Didn't see this on film and it might just be the digital coatings on the newer lenses. Picture quality is fine but not worth keeping the lens with the Sigma in the bag and it's just as fast.

    The 135's have since been sold.
  39. Dave, I'm not going to put you on the LBA/CBA list unless you are committing to the 3 month hiatus. You'd be setting yourself up for failure if you're still looking at glass, and just waiting for funds to feed your addiction.
  40. This is the list as it stands, currently -

    if I've missed anyone - please let me know so I can remedy it.

    1. Hin Man

    2. Rose Duclos

    3. Maurycy Mielko

    4. Javier Gutierrez

    5. Peter Zack

    6. Abe Hollander

    7. Miserere Mei

    8. John-Paul Treen

    9. Nick Siebers

    10. Abe Hollander

    11. David Mantilla

    12. Ira Crummey

    13. Ray Pulley
  41. Dang! I'm listed twice! Does that make my challenge date October 31? If so, what do I win????
  42. OopS! good you realized that... I'll take out the second one for you. Unless you'd like to play 2 games... but, I have a feeling that most of us will have only so much will-power and won't be able to compete much past the July date...
  43. Hey, why am I on the list!? Did I unknowingly sign up in my sleep? Did you "volunteer" me, Rose...?

    In any case, I fell off the wagon 2 days ago :-(

    Up to that point I was on a 38 day dry spell. That's my record, and I'm proud of it.
  44. Back to the winning part...

    I think there should be some prize for the person(s) who make it all the way. Like, maybe not getting their posting privileges revoked?

    I might be able to go to Oct. 31. I am the MASTER OF MY DOMAIN!{imagine more exclamation points, 'cause p-net recommends against them}

    Be proud, mis. I'm proud of you.
  45. Well that's not bad. There are about 100 zillion members on Ebay and our list has 11 so far. Ebay prices should drop about $0.87 at the closing bell.

    Actually it is good to just work with what's in the bag. Another lens ain't gonna make me any better.
  46. Mis - maybe I misread your comment?

    " I fully support your cause, guys. And remember, *I'm* the one who hasn't bought any lenses in ~40 days :)"

    I took this statement to mean you were in for the long haul.

    - wow - it's crazy - just getting people to sign up - and it seems such a simple thing - but with people posting on the "sign up list" to say they're not signing up ... it's bound to be confusing... when they never actually say it with the words "IM NOT SIGNING UP."

    Anyway - now we're down to 11. 3 days in - 117 days to go.

    Tomorrow - we will divide ourselves up into pairs - to motivate each other on, and go over the '12' rules to help us through this monumental task - of which I will need to figure out what the rules will be... (I was never a member of AA... .o0O)
  47. Good luck, folks! Based on another thread, it looks like I'm almost certainly out. Let me get a clarification, though: this only applies to *buying*--right? So, like, if someone *stole* a lens or, maybe was *given* one, that wouldn't count--right?
  48. Dave, you're right... you can steal or be gifted one. Just as long as 'no' money leaves your pocket for it - you'd be ok
  49. Rose, I'm sorry if I confused you! I had mentioned my eBay watching and a lens auction I had my eye on (which still hasn't ended, by the way) so I didn't think it sounded like I was signing up. Just because I don't sign up doesn't mean I don't support your cause; I do. I think all you people with problems really need to look inside and find lensic nirvana, while those of us with no lensic abuse problems (I can stop whenever I want) look on and applaud. While saving 87 cents on each eBay lens (if I buy 100 lenses in the next 3 months I'll save $87, just like a rebate!).

    Dave, do you need help mapping out the locations and opening hours of the Ritz Camera stores in Baltimore? ;-p

    I wish I were a sociology major, I could write an A+ paper on these two threads :)
  50. Mis - you seem to have the impression that "I" have a problem. "I" dont - I'm merely supporting the rest of these poor ol' blokes that keep buying all those old manual focus glass - because they don't save up to buy the neat-o new stuff...

    I'm moral support - Hin, and my list buddies need all the help they can get... :)

    Miserere, my friend, I think you're suffering from denial. ;) You want to test how bad you have it - this addiction - try not going on ebay, or reading any of the shopping sites for the next month...

    Seriously - whatever lens you're checking out, right now - isn't worth it. Come save up for the 31mm, with me. I'm totally psyched to even think about buying that lens. :D
  51. Problem? What problem? Rose, I think you have me confused with some other Miserere that you know... Maybe one that has bought a lens or two on eBay yet hasn't saved up for a Sigma 24mm f/1.8 (that he needs a lot more than a 31mm Ltd, by the way). Yeah, that's it.
  52. Sign up both McManameys.....

    although, here I am on the latest thread hitting Scot T up for a 55mm he's showing pics
    off from.... And apparently, I'm going to be wrestling Michael Costello for it. Maybe we
    should sell tickets for charity.....

    And I just found out that contrary to my pessimist view of taxes, we MIGHT actually get a
    massive chunk back (whoops). THAT will have matt doing some serious drooling over
    about 4 lenses..... crud. Sign us up anyway!!
  53. Ok, Maria, I'll add both your names to the list - I'm expecting that with you both sharing close quarters together, that you'll be the strongest competitors among us all. :)

    As to the 55mm - with all the 50mm's out there ... is a 55mm necessary? (This is the type of logic I'm using to ignore the urge to shop...)
  54. Yeah, I wouldn't think of adding a 55 since we HAVE the 50 matt talked me into... something
    about "paper thin depth of field you want, blah blah blah" (I didn't hear much past thin depth
    of field, obviously).

    But then Scot opened his mouth - er, moved his fingers - and said "f1.8". AAAAAAA
    FASTER!!! MUST HAVE!!!!! which is slightly sick, since I've discovered the 50 isn't wide
    enough. THATS something I'd never have thought would come out of my mouth a year ago!
    I normally like shooting tight.
  55. Maria, I'm just sayin'...

    Oh dear... Should I not have done that, Rose? I'm such a clutz...
  56. Mis - is "I'm just sayin'" a link? for some reason, I can't click on it and get anything. It looks
    like, but doesn't behave like a link on this end....
  57. Maria, let me try to just say it again.

  58. What the hell's up with the HTML????

    OK, well here's the naked link:

  59. Nah - it's not pretty enough. It looks kinda' square... and plastic-y.

    Maria - you don't want it. Besides it's fitting on a canon. won't do much good for us Pentax folks. :)

    <see, if you don't read the words and just look at the pictures, there's ways to talk yourself out of shopping...>

    (@MIS. I can see that you're playing the 'devil' but it won't work... we don't tempt that easily. )
  60. Ah I see this is like quitting smoking. The first couple of days are OK. Then the with-drawls start to hit. We snipe at our friends and become downright grouchy. After ten days or so the temptations fade a little but the craving is still lurking just around the corner...

    This is going to be some thread by the end.
  61. Well, I had no idea this thread was heading this way, but since it did... I'm not a week into this program and WADDAYA KNOW! My Dad just gave that lens to me as an (early) birthday present!

    Heck, Rose... I just *ADORE* this challenge! I hope you come up with more!

    So, I think - at the tender age of 4 Pentaxian/DSLR months (me and my K10D) - I might be ready to ditch the kit 18-55 (which means it goes back to Dad).

    Thanks for posting the review, mis! And really: You don't want it. Not pretty enough (heck knows I like me some pretty lenses).
  62. Happy (early) birthday, Abe!

    Your dad gave you the Sigma 30mm f/1.4? Wow, what a great dad. Dave, are you adopting? I promise to be a good older brother to Clara. I have references from my kid sister if you need them.

    And Abe, you're right, I don't want that lens...I want this one!:

  63. Maria wrote: "jerk"

    Ohhh...Maria hurted mah feelins...
  64. You found my weak spot how fast?!!? sheesh. I'm still using flash for receptions, but I'm so
    done w/ flashes during ceremony. As a matter of fact, I have an outdoor senior shoot Tue.
    Sad thing is, I think the 35mm prime isn't going to be wide enough. And I know from using
    it today, that prime is only a 2.0 (hear that *ONLY*??? It's a disease)
  65. Well, here's how I see it: Since I *gave* Abe the lens, it doesn't count against him and if I just *borrow* it, it doesn't count against me.

    Mis: We'll talk about your proposition after you clean out the basement.
  66. "Mis: We'll talk about your proposition after you clean out the basement."

    Where have I heard that one before...?
  67. "(hear that *ONLY*??? It's a disease)"

    And it's contagious!!!
  68. "Where have I heard that one before...?"

    Maybe: The Fifth Labour of Heracles
  69. Hey Rose,

    Remember that lens I was watching that you were sure I *didn't* need? Well, after gently harassing the seller for 6 days for a photo of the mount (it was advertised as a Vivitar Canon Pentax lens) I finally got a pic 5 hours before the end of the auction yesterday. Guess what, it was a Nikon mount! Do you appreciate the irony? I hope so.

    In the spirit of Hin's challenge, I have cleared up my eBay watch list, except for a few lenses similar to ones I own and am planning on selling. The "completed items" option only goes so far back in time and I want as complete a market research as possible for my future lens sales (I said *sales*!).

    Also in the spirit on the challenge, yesterday I went out with all the lenses I'll be selling and took some comparison shots of the same bush+flower with each of them, at different apertures and focal lengths. I also spent some quality time with my Tokina AT-X 35-70mm f/2.8, which I hadn't mounted on the camera in over 2 months :-o I might sell this lens too, if I can stretch my funds to get the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8.

    Does this mean I've signed up for the challenge...? *NO!* Because if I sign up I might feel bad about posting links to nice, fast primes :) (nudge, nudge, wink, wink Maria)

    I still support everyone's cause, though!
  70. Dave wrote: "Maybe: The Fifth Labour of Heracles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augeas"

    Dave, how many horses do you have in your basement, and what do you feed them? Maybe we can work something out.
  71. feel bad? why? I'm ornery - as long as matt's working 10hr days so he has lots of time to
    peruse ebay, maybe I'll have him check on some good lenses, and post pictures in the weekly

    just 'cause.....
  72. Mis, My basement would make the Augean stables feel like the Ritz. No horses--just 30years of accumulated...um..."stuff". No lenses, though (at least I don't think so.)
  73. I've created monsters... Abe, congratulations on the lens and the birthday. I figured you had to be related to Dave somehow, but it took this forum entry to understand the complicated family dynamic, of which Miserere seems to want to be a part... I don't know if he'd make a good brother for you - he's offering to clean out the basement, but older brothers tend to pull the younger ones into tasks and not stick around to finish up... ( I learned that from my older brother...)

    Maria - you don't need a wide lens - just step back a bit, and let the people shrink to fit the viewfinder. :) It's part of the dictates of the competition to make the lenses we have, do justice to the job.

    I thought that Matt had a fish-eye - couldn't you use that on those old folks? :) (wide and round with people pics ... might be scary - but fun. )

    @Mis - I am going to have to wave my witchy wand over some crystals and wish you viewing of only Nikon mounts between now and the end of our competition. ;)

    Try tempting us all you want - but, you may be asking for trouble if I light the candles and incense, raise my palms high and start chanting at the next full moon... :D
  74. Rose, you're a dear, for sure. But you're implying that mis would be my OLDER brother... did you wanna check that, or are you ready for him to continue posting links with saliva-inducing lenses in them?


    Seems the detractors are ready to try to knock us off the wagon! I say, "They know not who they're dealing with." {QUICK! Light the candles!}
  75. Well Abe, surely he would be... you wrote of getting an 'allowance' recently so I'm picturing that you're probably about 14. Mis is ancient compared to that. (I'm sure he's already pulling out the occasional gray hair and thinking about mid-life crisis and what sports-car he could drive that would make him feel better...) :D
  76. I like you more and more with each post, Rose!
  77. Well, I hope so! I'm like the crazy old auntie - also pulling out the occasional gray, but not thinking about sports-cars. :D <car shopping with mid-life crisis - is more of a male pre-occupation>.
  78. I also thought Abe was 14, despite that pic Dave posted in the kiddie thread. I just figured Abe was very mature for his age.

    I'd be a good older-young brother, Abe. We'd hang out and eat wings on weekends, and I would lend you my lenses too. You'd have to go to Joe Jackson concerts on your own, though. Brotherly love hath its limits.

    Funny you should say that, Rose; I've *always* pictured you as the crazy aunt of the Pentax forum ;-)
  79. Oi VA! I'm in shock ... Abe isn't 14?

    Mis, I'll have to change my attitude then and consider the whole bunch of my pentax friends as my 'nieces and nephews". The younger ones would get their cheeks pinched. (Yes, I've learned the firm pinch that turns cheeks red from my own grandmother...)

    So, I guess Abe isn't of the age where we could still pinch his cheeks any longer, eh?
  80. I think that exactly NONE of the 9 responses that instantly popped into my brain are appropriate here...
  81. Having skipped the "cutest kid" thread, Rose, you missed the shots Abe's kids.

    But, no, definitely not 14! http://www.photo.net/photo/7023625
  82. Dave, It isn't an intentional miss - because of firewalls at work, I can't check out any of the pictures posted outside the forum. I'm waiting until I return home now - to check out the sights. :)
  83. detractors are trying to knock everybody out? SHOOT, I figured the point of the contest was
    to tempt all others into falling off the wagon while remaining queen of the hill!

    Oh, wait - are we playing for money? NO?!?! OK, I'll stop w/ the tempting.....

    and rose, I had to think about that old folks w/ the fish-eye idea... it's a high school senior.
    LOLOLOLOLOL... but i think i will make sure the fish eye is in the bag....
  84. Maria! I guess it's a good thing I kept the discussion of all those 'senior' wrinkles at a minimum. :) It wouldn't have made any sense at all...

    Dave, I'm thinking OUR Abe is not a Babe anymore. Poor dear - 14 to 40 in a single afternoon. He missed out on all the fun that comes during those middle "I was so stupid back then" years. ;)
  85. And what I find interesting, Rose, is that he's now got both angles (well, almost 12 and almost 43) with Clara and myself.

    Quite an aperture range (or field of view, depending on your perspective), wouldn't you say???
  86. Ah to be 12 again :) Yes, it's like having two types of lenses... 14mm versus 43mm... both good pieces of glass - but, so hard to make a 43mm see the 'wide' angle without backing up quite a distance... :)
  87. If a camera takes a photo in the middle of a deserted forest, does the mirror slap still make a noise...?
  88. If you can't be seen, touched, or heard - do you exist? Ah, my online friend - a conundrum it is. :)

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