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Hin's LBA/CBA challenge - April 15-July 15 - who's playing?


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Mis - you seem to have the impression that "I" have a problem. "I" dont - I'm merely supporting the rest of these poor ol' blokes that keep buying all those old manual focus glass - because they don't save up to buy the neat-o new stuff...


I'm moral support - Hin, and my list buddies need all the help they can get... :)


Miserere, my friend, I think you're suffering from denial. ;) You want to test how bad you have it - this addiction - try not going on ebay, or reading any of the shopping sites for the next month...


Seriously - whatever lens you're checking out, right now - isn't worth it. Come save up for the 31mm, with me. I'm totally psyched to even think about buying that lens. :D

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Sign up both McManameys.....


although, here I am on the latest thread hitting Scot T up for a 55mm he's showing pics

off from.... And apparently, I'm going to be wrestling Michael Costello for it. Maybe we

should sell tickets for charity.....


And I just found out that contrary to my pessimist view of taxes, we MIGHT actually get a

massive chunk back (whoops). THAT will have matt doing some serious drooling over

about 4 lenses..... crud. Sign us up anyway!!

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Ok, Maria, I'll add both your names to the list - I'm expecting that with you both sharing close quarters together, that you'll be the strongest competitors among us all. :)


As to the 55mm - with all the 50mm's out there ... is a 55mm necessary? (This is the type of logic I'm using to ignore the urge to shop...)

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Yeah, I wouldn't think of adding a 55 since we HAVE the 50 matt talked me into... something

about "paper thin depth of field you want, blah blah blah" (I didn't hear much past thin depth

of field, obviously).


But then Scot opened his mouth - er, moved his fingers - and said "f1.8". AAAAAAA

FASTER!!! MUST HAVE!!!!! which is slightly sick, since I've discovered the 50 isn't wide

enough. THATS something I'd never have thought would come out of my mouth a year ago!

I normally like shooting tight.

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Nah - it's not pretty enough. It looks kinda' square... and plastic-y.


Maria - you don't want it. Besides it's fitting on a canon. won't do much good for us Pentax folks. :)


<see, if you don't read the words and just look at the pictures, there's ways to talk yourself out of shopping...>


(@MIS. I can see that you're playing the 'devil' but it won't work... we don't tempt that easily. )

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Ah I see this is like quitting smoking. The first couple of days are OK. Then the with-drawls start to hit. We snipe at our friends and become downright grouchy. After ten days or so the temptations fade a little but the craving is still lurking just around the corner...


This is going to be some thread by the end.

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Well, I had no idea this thread was heading this way, but since it did... I'm not a week into this program and WADDAYA KNOW! My Dad just gave that lens to me as an (early) birthday present!


Heck, Rose... I just *ADORE* this challenge! I hope you come up with more!


So, I think - at the tender age of 4 Pentaxian/DSLR months (me and my K10D) - I might be ready to ditch the kit 18-55 (which means it goes back to Dad).


Thanks for posting the review, mis! And really: You don't want it. Not pretty enough (heck knows I like me some pretty lenses).

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Happy (early) birthday, Abe!


Your dad gave you the Sigma 30mm f/1.4? Wow, what a great dad. Dave, are you adopting? I promise to be a good older brother to Clara. I have references from my kid sister if you need them.


And Abe, you're right, I don't want that lens...I want this one!:



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You found my weak spot how fast?!!? sheesh. I'm still using flash for receptions, but I'm so

done w/ flashes during ceremony. As a matter of fact, I have an outdoor senior shoot Tue.

Sad thing is, I think the 35mm prime isn't going to be wide enough. And I know from using

it today, that prime is only a 2.0 (hear that *ONLY*??? It's a disease)

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Hey Rose,


Remember that lens I was watching that you were sure I *didn't* need? Well, after gently harassing the seller for 6 days for a photo of the mount (it was advertised as a Vivitar Canon Pentax lens) I finally got a pic 5 hours before the end of the auction yesterday. Guess what, it was a Nikon mount! Do you appreciate the irony? I hope so.


In the spirit of Hin's challenge, I have cleared up my eBay watch list, except for a few lenses similar to ones I own and am planning on selling. The "completed items" option only goes so far back in time and I want as complete a market research as possible for my future lens sales (I said *sales*!).


Also in the spirit on the challenge, yesterday I went out with all the lenses I'll be selling and took some comparison shots of the same bush+flower with each of them, at different apertures and focal lengths. I also spent some quality time with my Tokina AT-X 35-70mm f/2.8, which I hadn't mounted on the camera in over 2 months :-o I might sell this lens too, if I can stretch my funds to get the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8.


Does this mean I've signed up for the challenge...? *NO!* Because if I sign up I might feel bad about posting links to nice, fast primes :-) (nudge, nudge, wink, wink Maria)


I still support everyone's cause, though!

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I've created monsters... Abe, congratulations on the lens and the birthday. I figured you had to be related to Dave somehow, but it took this forum entry to understand the complicated family dynamic, of which Miserere seems to want to be a part... I don't know if he'd make a good brother for you - he's offering to clean out the basement, but older brothers tend to pull the younger ones into tasks and not stick around to finish up... ( I learned that from my older brother...)


Maria - you don't need a wide lens - just step back a bit, and let the people shrink to fit the viewfinder. :) It's part of the dictates of the competition to make the lenses we have, do justice to the job.


I thought that Matt had a fish-eye - couldn't you use that on those old folks? :) (wide and round with people pics ... might be scary - but fun. )


@Mis - I am going to have to wave my witchy wand over some crystals and wish you viewing of only Nikon mounts between now and the end of our competition. ;)


Try tempting us all you want - but, you may be asking for trouble if I light the candles and incense, raise my palms high and start chanting at the next full moon... :D

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