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Hin's LBA/CBA challenge - April 15-July 15 - who's playing?


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Since the game begins today and we should keep track of this - who's playing?


I know Hin suggested it and seems pretty gungho from all the posts he's

written, this past week. Who else will be joining him. I will...


1. Hin Man.

2. Rose Duclos

3. ?

4. ?

5. ?



Let's begin the list here, and that way we can monitor each other's progress.

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I would be in...but I just cannot give up my eBay watch list. Sorry guys! There is also an auction I'm watching that ends in a few days and I would *really* like to win. But I'll be sure to stop in and let you know about all the awesome deals I get.


Just kidding! I fully support your cause, guys. And remember, *I'm* the one who hasn't bought any lenses in ~40 days :-)

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Danny, that sounds rather wishy washy - you must give a date to start - if it's not in keeping with our 'competition' standards - Or I won't put you on the list. If I did, every purchase you made would deserve considerable nagging from the rest of us - and, we'd probably have to prepare a punishment for your crimes...


When will you finish 'buying' exactly?

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I just pulled the trigger on a FA 31mm limited this morning... Guess I'm already out game ;) (GAWD...I hope it's worth it...) The FA 77mm limited is not too far behind, then I'll be done, really I'll be done.... I can stop any time I want...I don't have a problem...


You know I've been thinking that DA 18-250.... sure would make a great walk around vacation lens. There were a lot of casual shots I missed in Florida last weekend because I didn't have the range covered... hummmmm....


OK the 77mm limited then the DA 18-250, then I'll be really done.... yea, yea that's the plan....



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Ok, Nick - I believe you're 9 on our list.


I don't believe our group are really going to 'lower the prices on lenses at ebay' Dave... WE may shop - but not THAT much...


Day 1 today... be strong folks. If anyone asks you to look at any glass, or tells you about a sale - please don't look... I don't want to be the only one crossing the finish line, in July. :)

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