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Hin's LBA/CBA challenge - April 15-July 15 - who's playing?


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Rose, you're a dear, for sure. But you're implying that mis would be my OLDER brother... did you wanna check that, or are you ready for him to continue posting links with saliva-inducing lenses in them?




Seems the detractors are ready to try to knock us off the wagon! I say, "They know not who they're dealing with." {QUICK! Light the candles!}

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Well Abe, surely he would be... you wrote of getting an 'allowance' recently so I'm picturing that you're probably about 14. Mis is ancient compared to that. (I'm sure he's already pulling out the occasional gray hair and thinking about mid-life crisis and what sports-car he could drive that would make him feel better...) :D
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I also thought Abe was 14, despite that pic Dave posted in the kiddie thread. I just figured Abe was very mature for his age.


I'd be a good older-young brother, Abe. We'd hang out and eat wings on weekends, and I would lend you my lenses too. You'd have to go to Joe Jackson concerts on your own, though. Brotherly love hath its limits.


Funny you should say that, Rose; I've *always* pictured you as the crazy aunt of the Pentax forum ;-)

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Oi VA! I'm in shock ... Abe isn't 14?


Mis, I'll have to change my attitude then and consider the whole bunch of my pentax friends as my 'nieces and nephews". The younger ones would get their cheeks pinched. (Yes, I've learned the firm pinch that turns cheeks red from my own grandmother...)


So, I guess Abe isn't of the age where we could still pinch his cheeks any longer, eh?

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detractors are trying to knock everybody out? SHOOT, I figured the point of the contest was

to tempt all others into falling off the wagon while remaining queen of the hill!


Oh, wait - are we playing for money? NO?!?! OK, I'll stop w/ the tempting.....


and rose, I had to think about that old folks w/ the fish-eye idea... it's a high school senior.

LOLOLOLOLOL... but i think i will make sure the fish eye is in the bag....

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Maria! I guess it's a good thing I kept the discussion of all those 'senior' wrinkles at a minimum. :) It wouldn't have made any sense at all...


Dave, I'm thinking OUR Abe is not a Babe anymore. Poor dear - 14 to 40 in a single afternoon. He missed out on all the fun that comes during those middle "I was so stupid back then" years. ;)

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