Got developer and fixer on hands - dangerous?

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    Time is short. Have you made out your will?
    We old farts that have spent hundreds to thousands of hours in the darkroom did so without any protections back in the day. Aside from those that had a slight dermatitis reaction (a very small subset of heavy printing users), all of us seem to have survived unscathed. Today, there seems a cadre that will insist that gloves, masks, and an EPA check-sheet be used in the darkroom... :rolleyes:
  2. If they were processed properly and are dry, they're basically just pieces of paper now.
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    IMO You need to find more interesting worries!
  4. Most large format photographers do film development using trays in absolute darkness. Most of the ones I know never use any gloves and have their hands in the chemicals for many minutes to occasionally hours if doing several batches. No harm done. Obviously don't do anything foolish like ingesting the stuff, etc.
  5. About the old photos, I`d not be worried. As mentioned, very likely some furniture or even old newspapers could be more harmful.
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