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  1. Does glow in the dark tape fog film or paper in the darkroom ?
  2. In my dark rooms, both at home and my photofinishing plants used glow-in-the-dark tape without incident. Additionally, In electrical outlets, I placed dim "panel lessons" night lights made by GE. These glow a dim green. Never had a problem with b&w or color films of all types.
  3. Cut some photo paper or film in a couple of pieces - place one as near as "usual" to your particular "glow in dark" substance. Wait

    Keep other piece in paper safe or whatever. no exposure

    Develop and compare.

    You can make it more elaborate by controlling time, distance, sensitivity of medium, etc...
  4. Thank you guys, it just seems that the last batch of GID tape I bought from Amazon not only glows but emits light.
  5. Kodak warns against afterglow from fluorescent lamps, which is pretty much the same.

    I have a darkroom timer with glow in the dark numbers. I cover it up if I do film,
    no worry for paper.
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