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  1. Over a week now and not a word on this issue;I am open to any of the suggested alternatives which would allow the management of my portfoliol.Would be least to know that management is looking into the matter.
  2. Frigo, I feel your frustration. The lack of functionality in the portfolio section is why I deleted all my galleries and then all but 3 images...those 3 refuse to delete. I know this isn't a solution for many people. Glen said they are going back to the drawing board. I've given up on this issue being resolved and I won't renew my subscription, in part because of it. Portfolio management was a problem back when we were invited to beta test the new site. It still is.
  3. Laura. However frustrated I am with what has been done to the ''comfortable'' PN I had gotten to appreciate for how it catered to my meager photo requirements,I have decided to give it another go and renewed for an additional year.The optimiste in me says that someone in that tech staff will sneak a look at how the old version easily acheived the basic tasks that we need to manage our portfolios and find a way for this new version to perform.While at it,I hope that they also find a way to ease away from the need ''to load more'' to see one's work,especially those of us with large folio.....this is chasing away outside visitors who find this too tedious and of particular concern to me as my images reflect my rural community and ''my local visitors'' are now shying away.Hope you stay for a spell more.Salutations-Laurent
  4. Maybe there is hope Frigo. I always appreciate optimism, and usually try to find the goodness in most things.Today the last 3 images finally left my portfolio. That's progress. For me the lack of functionality in the portfolio became more frustrating than it was worth. Parting with it resulted in less headaches. My participation is way down across the site and I'll put the money to other uses. I'll remain a registered user and will visit the Nature forum, but that's about it. The site used to be a useful tool for me. If it becomes a good tool to use again, then I'll be happy to pay. Maybe it will get fixed. I hope that your optimism is rewarded. You deserve that.
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  5. Laura,...Hope management reads up on this and finds a way to address some/all of these basic issues before too many of the faithful members seek comfort elsewhere.You take care and keep watching for that cure which will make PN attractive enough to pull you back in.Salutations--Laurent
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  6. Glen...Any progress on the galleries/photo sort issues?
  7. This is one change that has worked for me! :)

    Indeed, if one goes into an individual gallery--the images can be moved around into an order I like. It stays that way even for 'strangers' not logged in viewing the gallery. Matter of fact, they get to see this tasty note above the gallery:

    "Photographer has presorted this gallery, please select from options above to perform your own photo sorting."

    I have also had success with changing the stack order of the galleries themselves--and now they actually stay where I put them. This is progress, and gives me some confidence that I may actually live long enough to see this place work right again... :rolleyes:

    Now here is what should happen, be an expected extension of this latest sort feature. How about we can sort the images that appear when calling up the main profile page by our own preference--and have that appear as default? The same notice of "photogopher has presorted...." would appear, and a viewer could then cobble it up with their own sort choice if that is how they choose to waste their time.

    The reason for this is clear--I really don't want my latest addition(s) right at the top of the pile most of the time. I certainly don't want an entire series of recent photos to dominate the 'first look' that a visitor sees. Rather, just like the galleries--I want to put what I think is my best or favorite works right up front.

    I know it can be done because I asked in one of the Xenforo developer forums. The question is can we have this shiny toy too? :cool:

    @Laura Weishaupt I think that my request may be the root of your concern. Perhaps it will get sorted out, but as one of the more vocal critics of the 2.0 rollout--I intend on sticking it out. After 60 years of life I have learned that sometimes things have to go a step or two backward so that momentum can be had to move forward. Plus, this place gives me something to gripe about without a family member telling me to go back to my office in the basement...
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  8. Papa, glad to hear that you have success where many of us do not. After reading your post and downing another cup of coffee, I tried something, just for sniggles. 3 images in my portfolio defy removal. I thought they were gone at one point, but they returned the next day. Today I placed all of them in a gallery to see if I could arrange them to my liking. Nope. When I clicked on the proper place to sort the photos in said gallery I got a box with the images and this statement.

    "Gallery has no sort order, photos will appear in the order they were uploaded.

    [Drag and Drop to sort photos]"

    I tried to move them and they just bounced back to their original position. So, for me, both the gallery sort and photo sort functions are dysfunctional. I would like for these basic functions to simply work, as they should, for everyone. It's not too much to ask. Let's start right there.....get the basic sort functions to work for everyone. Once that has been accomplished, then fancy it up with all options that folks have expressed desire for.

    We are likely from a similar cohort. I too understand that things often move forward, back, zigzag around, and often eventually get back on track. I have also seen plenty of situations where a good thing, once derailed, simply limps along. I was also a vocal critic in beta testing, as well as working hard to help folks with the transition, both times. I've done my part to serve the greater good here, and I'll return to being a registered user. The site will get my money again when these core functions are working for all and the site returns to being a good and useful tool. Till then, I've got more profitable things to do with 30 bucks. For now, I have a chainsaw that needs sharpening.
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  9. Ahhhh, nothing like subliminal motivation for PN management! Ha!... Mike
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    agreed, its not what we want. pushing to the top of the list.
  11. What's real icing on the cake, or bar oil on the chain, is that I can't open the gallery that I placed the photos in. Best yet is when I click on any of the thumbnail images in said gallery I get a 404 error that the page can't be found. So, to recap, I can make a gallery, but the gallery sort function doesn't work, I can place images in said gallery, but can't sort those either. And now if someone looks at said gallery and want's to see the images they will get a 404 error message and won't be able to see the image. The situation is off a cliff into the abyss of absurdity, though I'm glad that it works for some. Back to the woodpile. At least there when I have an axe to grind I get a useful result.
  12. Glen, what was really attractive in old pnet , it was old portfolio page, I could present my work by the themes like "City", "travel", "portrait ". It was actually working as photographer's website, that's why many pros was keeping their pnet acct without really participating in community, it was driving web traffic to them.
    Now, our portfolios presented in chronological order, latest uploads first, which is looks messy and unprofessional. Even if you will make sorting to work, do you really think visitors to my page would want play with buttons and try to sort out my work?
    Galleries you offering now, sorted by chronological order were and still available for free on majority of various photo-sharing websites for years with no limits to number of picks. Just my 2 cents.
  13. to which you may add were also attached the comments that we accumulated over the years. In my view, it was one of the most attractive features of PN1 which also dispensed with the need to have a personal webpage as you rightly say. Several of my friends joined the community after being introduced to this page.
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  14. I miss the slide show.
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    @laura - have you uploaded any photos or deleted them all?
    Your profile page shows 0. Admin also shows no photos.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.03.14 PM.png
  16. Admin

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    what is this supposed to mean? Please clarify.
  17. Glen, here is a shot of my library. These are the 3 images that I refer to. Not showing on another page just adds to the mystery for me. Perhaps Mike doesn't know that I really do use a chainsaw and an axe and that it was not a metaphor. The 4 galleries that I made also don't show up on the profile page, but they are in the library and all of these images are in one named Slime Molds. No wonder there is a 404...none of it really exits.

    Screenshot-2017-9-14 Your complete photography Photo net.png
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    when you go into the gallery - does it say the gallery is private?
  19. Here is a screen shot of the gallery page. There is no indication that they are public or private. I just created another gallery and did not get an option to make it either public or private. I did not save that gallery. All of the individual images are public, or are stated as such.

    Screenshot-2017-9-14 Edit your galleries Photo net.png
  20. Glenn,and what about the Galleries/Photo sort?IT DOES NOT WORK....the only thing it does(for me) is that it will allow a gallery to switch place with another one and it does the same for a photo within a gallery and once completed,it will keep the selected position,much as Papa Tango indicated.Changing the order of photos or galleries is not a single operation task,rather easy if you have a small number of galleries and/or photos per gallery but I repeat,a quasi impossible task timewise if you have a large portfolio as I and some other fellow members have.I suggest your tech team tries positionning a new folder ....say in position 33 of a 100+ galleries foliio for example.Hope this stays at the top of your list as I renewed membership convinced that these portfolio issues amongst others so member-friendly in the old version would find their way into this new mold.Optimistic...I am.

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