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  1. O darn!
    Well, at least you stopped trying to make a point (i guess that was what you are doing) through typography.
    Or maybe you were just justifying your text. I don't know.
  2. It's just playing around visually q.g.​
    Back to photography now OK? so we can stop spinning our wheels no point. Last word is yours if you feel the need.
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  3. Yes. And I've gone downhill ever since. :cool:
  4. Maybe you guys should visit some Fine Art studios. This was one of my assignments while going to school. Many of these Fine Art studios do not advertise, so it's mostly word of mouth. This was years ago so not many digital photos were available back then, maybe times have changed. Most of the images I glimpsed at were Silver Gelatin or some other exotic process. And most of them were 16X20" or over. I not even going to mention what the prices were for some of these images, it would be too shocking !! The thing they had going for them was the intrinsic value, they were both seen for the craftsmanship and beauty. i guess that's why some people were willing to pay for them....
  5. Hmmm. What makes you think us guys don't?
  6. Inoneye, I'm starting to believe you have talent.
  7. Thanks arthur. And I am going downhill...
    Sam thanks. btw are we talking about the guy or the gal? 8>)
  8. It's like the old vase and profile trick. I can look once and it's the guy and then look again and it's the gal!
  9. nice analogy!
  10. Arthur, I think all of us that take the camera to the street have these sort of photos (man-altered landscapes) in our collection - if they were not thrown out. There is something about them that draws us to taking these images (for me a lot of them). And when I ask myself why and explore deeper there always is a reward.
    I am grateful to The new topographics photographers for opening the art world eyes to another label & way of seeing and experiencing photography that has been around since the beginnings. Even if they hadn't I would still take this kind of photo. Mostly I think of it as a refinement of the catagories, a file system for art. It doesn't help define art or fine art. that remains elusive imo. And not really of much import for me.
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  11. There's got to be a voice deep within you that is untouched by definitions. And it is there that you become divinely who you are.
    Viola Davis
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  12. Yes, we may all have these, but there is something in this composition that seems unique, fascinating and compelling.
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  13. If I think an image of mine is fine art I will keep that opinion to myself. However, if someone buys a print of it (for a really substantial price) they're more than welcome to call it fine art.
  14. Why?
  15. "Why?" - It's not one of my priorities.
  16. Thanks. I guess the priority, then, would be keeping it to yourself, which is as interesting as offering the opinion would be. :)

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