Experiment in free association

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Leslie Reid, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Exhibit "A"
  2. Had something to eat, now ready to slug it out boxer x1000.jpg
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  3. ...........
    Hmmm, Jon ... I've never known photo.netters not to respond to an invitation to fight. Maybe they like words fights more than fist fights? Maybe the old tried and true will work?

    Digital rulz!!!

    Film is for slugs!!

    [this is a banana slug with a really good tan]
  4. Invoking the 24 hour rule web x1000.jpg
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  5. ..........
    Barry and Jon, it looks like this experiment has come to an end. I want to say how much I've enjoyed it and raise a glass in thanks to Leslie for starting such a lovely thread. Thanks Leslie! Cheers!

  6. Thanks all, seems we've slugged ourselves out. But its been fun and reminds me a bit of p.net of yore where this was the happening thread. Cheers
    [​IMG]Untitled by Barry Fisher
  7. It's been a stimulating journey that has been fun to participate in. DSC_6866x1000.JPG Thank you Leslie and all that have come here. Onward and upward!
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  8. Thanks Leslie for starting an interesting and entertaining "slug fest". smiley slug2.jpg
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  9. And thanks to all of you, who made this work! I've thoroughly enjoyed it, and there've been a lot of beautiful photos along the way (and a lot that made me smile).
    Would it be worthwhile to start a new one in a few months, after we've caught our breaths?
  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... start a new one
  11. Absence makes the heart grow fonder -
  12. Yes, please.

    And I vote that Glenn should be in charge of assigning our next, new wild card creature.

    Gives me time to reload the potato cannon. :)
  13. "And I vote that Glenn should be in charge of assigning our next, new wild card creature."
    Will do Julie.

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