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  1. Have you deleted SnapBridge and then reinstalled it? I find that often works for apps that stop working for no apparent reason.
  2. Grass flowers - anthers reddish, stigmas feathery. Unknown species.
  3. I remember using a flash cube. Perhaps on an Argus? I also remember removing the plastic "cube" and the reflective material plastic inside, leaving the bulbs. When I used the modified flash on my camera, all four bulbs fired at once, leaving a singed patch of hair where my bangs used to be. Brilliant idea #1534.
  4. I had the Minolta Maxxum 7000i, which was a later iteration of the 7000. It was a great camera for its day. It even had a mind of its own. Once while crossing a wet log with the camera out, I slipped, and the camera went into the water briefly. When I recovered it, the LCD displayed, "help me." It recovered uneventfully without my help.
  5. I agree with @dcstep. The first image is more evocative of "free dancing." I particularly like the multiple arms that seem to grow from the distorted woman in front. My quickie interpretation includes vignetting at the edges and highlighting the foreground figure with multiple arms.
  6. Gettin' ready for the eclipse
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