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  1. Sanford, you're out of turn!!! Only banana slug pictures are allowed to be posted *anytime.* Maybe that's a banana slug bomber on a top secret mission?
  2. Vincent detail.jpg

    Julie - I think that the bend in Sanford's chromed car ornament looks a lot like the bend in your chicken leg.
    Sorry, but I am out of banana slug photos. I need a fresh trip to the Santa Cruz Mountain range.
  3. I do too — it was a good follow to mine, but he's supposed to allow four other people to post before he posts again as per the OP. (It's a mouse, not a chicken: I see you are not a toe-ologist.)
  4. This thing has rules?
  5. slug_onBananaSllug.jpg

    Yes, but they are sluggishly applied.
  6. Sanford, you didn't read the OP? I don't think of what Leslie wrote so much as rules as much as good ideas for a cohesive thread.
  7. Fred, I read it, I just didn't absorb it.
  8. Well, slugging back along here's another (still looking for the banana variety) slug x1000.jpg
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  9. Now that's a beautiful slug, Jon.
    Here's another non-banana (had to expose at 3200 ISO to avoid motion blur)
  10. Sorry, I couldn't find a pic of someone squishing a banana slug. Shucks!
  11. single_PineNeedleOnLeaf.jpg
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  12. ...............

    ... or this? Take your pick.


    [Pursuant to the rule change to the OP, proposed on page 21, post #410, paragraph 3, and affirmed by Leslie Reid in post #440, I once again invoke my First Amendment right to post twenty-four hour in excess of my most recent previous post.]
  13. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

    [​IMG]wind turbine by Ken, on Flickr
    Oops! This was meant to come after Sanford's, but it kind of works anyway :)
  14. Oops??? Oops?? What kind of fabulator are you, Ken? Come on, give us a good story. Rip van Dunton or Ken van Winkle, that's a very cloudy banana slug on the left side of the picture? A banana slug fart?
  15. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

    Well, the previous pic had a three pronged hole with a vertical line and a white blob. This is the closest I could get to three prongs, a vertical line and a white blob!
    Ergo, it works :)
    No slugs, sorry :(

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