Ektachrome is officially announced

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by Karim Ghantous, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. 35mm is available now. Super 8 will be available on October 1st.


    I won't be buying any immediately, but I look forward to shooting a few rolls down the line.
  2. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Now trying to find a dealer who has it in stock...
  3. The big NYC dealers won't be open again until next week, but I'll certainly be monitoring Freestyle and some other sources to see if any becomes available.

    On one hand, I want to take it light on the initial order, but on the other other hand if P3200 is any indication once the initial run sells out it will be a few more months before any more is available.
  4. Almost in tears.
  5. The sample photos look really nice. Those samples on Instagram a couple of months back were awwwwwwwwful.
  6. Oh boy! That's exciting news! :)
  7. While Kodak reintroduced Ektachrome they do not provide E6 processing so where would I have it processed?
  8. The Darkroom dot com, Dwaynes, North Coast Photo, etc. I use Alkid Photo Lab. You can do this at home, of course, but I see no reason to. YMMV.
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  9. Kodak MAY re-introduce E6 kits.
  10. They may but there are still others producing E6 kits.
  11. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    We're still in the technical beta-testing stage here, continuing reporting to Kodak. Some processed samples resemble, of all things, Ektar 100 (!)
    There are not expected to be major differences between beta-test stock and the final retail release.
    There is also the interesting statement on the Kodak FAQs page of 120 and larger formats being re-introduced down the line. Things are going from plain good to absolutely great...
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  12. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    I agree. Entirely forgettable rubbish flying around Instacramp...
  13. The samples seem nice. Colorful pallet but not overdone. I wished they do it in 120 medium format.
  14. Only four sleeps to go
  15. Freestyle has it listed/available for pre-order.
  16. There are labs in NY that do E6
  17. Funny question. It used to be that 1/100 wasn't so unusual for a shutter speed, but now usually 1/60 and 1/125.

    The charts usually round to whole stops.
    While sunny 16 is a nice rule, scenes could be a little lighter or darker,
    so a 1/3 stop rounding is probably reasonable.

    ISO values are rounded to the nearest 1/3 stop.
    A film rated at ISO 100 is supposed to be between about 90 and 111.

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