Dye Sublimation Printers

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  2. I got a 10 and a 12 year old Epson. If I run them every 4 or 5 weeks no clogging. If and when they break, will look forward to getting the modern Epson that sounds very clog resistant.
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  3. The problem with dye sub is long term supply of ribbon and paper. While you can still buy ink cartridge for very old ink jet or laser printer you can't buy ribbon and paper for old dye sub.
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    It is thermal transfer of dye that is sublimated. The two or not mutually exclusive. And Kodak, in the PDF supplied indicate this clearly.
    This is not marketing speak! This is how that product operates.
  5. As well as I know it, inkjet isn't so good at the lighter shades, requiring smaller drops. Dark colors are easy.
    One fix for that is to have light and dark ink cartridges.

    In the case of dye sublimation, it isn't quite as hard to get less dye transferred for the light areas.
    There might still be some tricks (and calibration) to get the result close to proportional to what
    is desired.

    On the other hand, inkjet can do all colors with one pass of the print head, where
    (as far as I know) dye sublimation does multiple passes of the paper through the
    mechanism. It then has to make sure it lines up the same each time.

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