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  1. My first DSLR, Kodak DCS 100, was a massive pack and a 1.3-megapixel grayscale image. But it made a nice 8x10 print on my Kodak XL-7700 dye sub.
  2. Big-Multi-function? Dog forbid something like Lightroom. OK how about: https://imazing.com/converter
  3. Available in the US, can you try getting them shipped from there? Example: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256802605204194.html?src=google&aff_fcid=5752e1d57ad84468856f013c7fb522b4-1708618003828-09306-UneMJZVf&aff_fsk=UneMJZVf&aff_platform=aaf&sk=UneMJZVf&aff_trace_key=5752e1d57ad84468856f013c7fb522b4-1708618003828-09306-UneMJZVf&terminal_id=b96c0d6b75ef404c943b07edd80f74c9&afSmartRedirect=y&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa
  4. Crude but possible (selections of objects in Apple Photos): https://support.apple.com/guide/photos/isolate-and-copy-a-photos-subject-pht53d914053/mac If you need more, then you need Elements or similar.
  5. Indeed, it's useful and important to have GPUs that follows Adobe requirements. Sadly many Windows machines don't.
  6. Again, just check the Adobe user-to-user forums for those speaking of GPU issues, Mac vs. Windows. Quote rare for Mac users with modern GPUs. Not so with Win users. Big difference: One company controls all aspects of GPU for those Adobe apps. The other isn't the case. As for LR being crash-prone, I can't recall it ever happening to this Mac user. Based on your hardware, OS, YMMV.
  7. First, the preview architecture in Develop is unique to all other modules and the most accurate preview of the data. You should always view previews there and elsewhere at 1:1 or greater and when comparing, use the same zoom for each. So compare at 100% zoom in PS and 1:1 in Develop. It is normal to see slight differences at 1:1 but if really excessive, you might have a corrupted display profile. Recalibrate the display or whatever you usually do to create a display profile. When given the option to build this profile, pick Version 2 (not V4) and Matrix not LUT. As to viewing Develop module and Library and outside of LR, it helps to soft proof in Develop using the same profile used in Library (Adobe RGB (1998).
  8. So just the soft proof with a printer profile between the two apps don't match right? And with any printer profile?
  9. Oh, one thing to check on this printer (P900) is the media setting on the printer control panel is in 'sync' with what you've selected in the print driver. Looks a lot different on Mac, but there is an option called " Media Type: Use Printer Settings" and they need to both be correct.
  10. Ouch! https://appleinsider.com/articles/24/01/10/jp-morgan-pc-shipment-decline-trending-upward-as-apple-market-share-remains-stable?utm_medium=rss
  11. Yes indeed, it takes those Besseler carriers but I’d hope if you found one, it would come with them.
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