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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. What happened to the comments at the end of the galleries section? All the comments over the years are gone.
  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Phil -- that's the kind of feedback that makes me keep at it, and I appreciate it. <br><br>
    I'd actually been thinking along the same lines, so I'd already compiled the updates and explanations I had found while trying to stay on top of the bug situation. I've now just posted a read-only "Updates in one place" thread in the Site Help Forum--thanks for the suggestion!<br><br>
    And as for influence or special lines of communication, I have none--I'm just a fellow member with only one superpower: the ability to curate these threads.
    • I've just about run out of both hope and patience as we are nearly through our third week with this V2. For a brief moment I thought there might be a bit of sanity with the addition of the My Library choice. Initially it was a very clean design with galleries that could be accessed from a drop-down menu. galleries loaded quicker, perhaps because the thumbnails were smaller and for the most part the entire folder could be seen at a glance with a minimum of scrolling. Even though the photos could not be seen by the membership, at least it was a design that made sense and that perhaps you could build on. I went there today to see that the images in the gallery were partially covered by that ugly information band. Would it be so difficult to only have that band appear when you hovered your cursor over an individual picture? The big new addition is the button to change pictures from Private to Public. Now I have 142 folders of which all of 15 are shown in my Gallery view. Of those 15, 11 are dark, the pictures not available. If I change the designation from private to public on each individual picture (would it have killed you to have a button to switch the whole gallery to Public?) that gallery will perhaps become visible, pictures and all, in my Gallery section. However, if that gallery is not included (for God knows what reason) in my Gallery group, the pictures still remain hidden. Remember, I have 142 folders of which only 15 are listed under Galleries. Let me ask you guys in management, do you actually test out these changes before you institute them?This is by no means the only serious problem with viewing pictures or navigating galleries. Back arrows often take me right out of galleries or back to the top of the gallery I've been viewing...... The USER gallery is impossible to use since the thumbnails (why?) are not in any recognizable order. Navigating through the new uploaded pictures from photographers I follow is difficult because in every case after viewing a particular picture, the back arrow takes me back to the very top, no matter where I was before. If you could make money scrolling, I'd be a millionaire...... On my portfolio page, only 100 of my Favorite Photos are visible; on on my Homepage, 435 are listed. However, if you choose one for viewing and then use the back arrow, it takes me completely out of Favorite Photos, replaced by my portfolio.....I hope you are able to follow all this because just trying to keep it straight in my mind gets me dizzy. If any members with large portfolios have had different or better results than I have, please let me know. For me at least, it's been pretty frustrating.
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  3. Jack..I am on the road and peek the occasional look from a borrowed computer wishing this would be resolved when I got back.I also have a large portfolio with 141 folders which I had arranged in an order which allowed me to locate with relative ease any of my over 7700 images but more importantly,I could exchange easily with fellow PNetters on any of these.I share your frustration and being in the over 70 crowd,I get tired with all this scrolling and searching for features of this site which had become second nature.I don't mind the new look,,,,but why fix something/those things which worked to come up with this format of cropped images and detoured access? I am still on the road for a while and hope in a couple of weeks when I get back to home base,some of the working PN will have found its way back into the site.
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  4. Reporting spam doesn't appear to actually do anything, except (hopefully!) alerting the moderators that there's an issue that needs to be addressed. It would be very useful to have some indicator on the forum page that particular spam messages have been reported, so that everyone who comes across them doesn't have to re-report the same messages.
    1. The format that I uploaded images to before the new site worked well, those images transferring to the new sight are way too big. Do I reload the images or do I just say F it?
    2. This may have been asked and answered in the many forum post, sorry if it was, I just don't have the time to filter through the billions of words contained there.
    3. and to separate my post thoughts I need to place a dot or a number by it?
    4. I am really not having a good time.
    5. 3 weeks now and I am still getting Richard over.
    1. A friend of mine pulled up my portfolio and commented that other peoples images were contained in it. Do I not retain exclusivity to my work? Does my work show up in other peoples portfolio? Why? It don't seem right, what do you think?
    2. Is this a new thing with the site that other peoples work show up in your portfolio?
  5. I submitted a photo for critique 33 mins ago and it is not showing up in the critique forum, what did I do wrong. The banner on the images shows it was submitted for critique but it is not showing up in the critique forum. I had a friend go into the site and looking in the critique forum and my image does not show up.
  6. I don't know if it has been reported, but the date/time of the last post does not correspond to my time zone.
    It states 7pm today, but according to my clock, it is just after 2pm. ????
    And I put PST into my profile.
    So the software is not adjusting for local time.

    And I'm going to bet that the above 4 paragraphs are merged into ONE paragraph, again.
  7. To break the paragraphs, use < br >< br > (without the spaces), post the message then refresh your screen. Certainly an inconvenience, but until someone decides to fix it, that's what needs to be done.
  8. I just posted in the Medium Format section on a Copal SVX shutter problem. C o c k, a standard term for readying a shutter phrase was character out as was Trip a standard term for releasing the for exposure.
    Cock the shutter.
    Trip the shutter.
    Standard camera repair terminology that should not be treated as obscene language.
  9. Been away for awhile and trying to sort out new site. When uploading images and assigning a category, it seems the category list is in disarray - duplicate and triplicate entries, no discernable sequence, and, at least, one category from old list (children) is no longer on the list.(OK, I see children now go under family, a decision I am not sure I agree with. In my travels, I photograph a lot of 'developing world' images of children at play or street portraits. They definitely aren't family. Guess I need to categorize them as travel or street.
  10. When composing a reply to a thread, the box for composing one's reply says 'Write your reply..." - When you begin keying the reply it types over the 'write your reply' message making the first few words of the composition difficult to re-read.
  11. That's been mentioned a few times. The work around is to hit a carriage return before you start typing to go to the next line and when you post, that return will disappear.
  12. I saw this 'upload to cover photo' and it looked like a nice idea. Now I have part of a huge head floating in space and the complete photo itself is missing from my gallery. How do I remove a cover photo, please?

    No offense, to you good owners of photo.net. But I really can't stand this new site, except for the fact the photos pop out a bit better. Not intuitive, hard to navigate,. I really liked the old style, go to photo admin and just change things around. I am having a real twilight zone experience here.
  13. unable to upload a jpeg. unable to upload a pdf.
    time to cancel my membership.
  14. Hi there, I have lost the ability to upload photos. The upload appears to be working, the progress bar almost gets to 100% then the process stops at which point a message tells me the upload has failed. The photo format and size is the same as successful uploads last week, is this just me or is a known issue.................GC.
  15. I wasn't able to duplicate the problem in using either Chrome or Safari, either in uploading to the portfolio or to threads. Is the problem still occurring or might it have been a temporary issue? Were you uploading to your portfolio or to a thread? And which browser were you using? (If it was Firefox, there are some others who share the problem, and there's a thread on this forum that discusses some solutions (here).
  16. Photo.net appears in all my photography related google searches. Unfortunately, i must now omit Photo.net from my searches because 80% of the photo.net links I click on are broken. I see other search related issues in the bug list, but not this specifically. Maybe this will sort itself out with the other search feature fixes?

    Photo.net is an awesome resource for photography. Please keep up the good work and squash those bugs!!
  17. Hi Leslie, thank you for your answer. To answer your questions I use Chrome and was having trouble uploading to the portfolio. I tried re uploading the last photo I had successfully uploaded and found this was OK. The only difference I could see was that I chosen Save for Web in PS Elements. So I did the same with the problem photo and it uploaded fine. The difference being that the MetaData had been stipped out. Is this now a feature of PN2, and the Metadata has to be lost. .......Regards GC.
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