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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. Attempting to delete a newly added photo from a gallery produces the error:<br>
    com.google.gson.internal.LinkedTreeMap cannot be cast to java.util.HashMap
  2. It looks like there needs to be an internal check to ensure that two people don't end up with the same screen name. I just sent a message to someone selected by clicking on the pull-down menu (and identified by icon), but the message automatically went to both people with the same screen name even though only the one I had selected had showed up in the address bar (one screen name had the first letter capitalized, the other didn't).
  3. I used to be able to set an image at the top of the portfolio. Then it disappeared and was replaced with dark slate blue. Yesterday I set another image, got the successful change box, and today it's gone. So something that worked doesn't anymore.
  4. I couldn't delete an old photo yesterday, got the same error message.
  5. It turns out that the way to actually delete a photo from the portfolio isn't from within the galleries, but from within in the "photos" option in "portfolio"--Laurie describes it in Reply#8 of the How-to thread. I guess deleting a photo from a gallery is just supposed to bump it out of the gallery itself.
  6. Last night, comments that appeared to be entered successfully on the Critique page were not posted under the photos and have disappeared--it's the first time I've seen that happen. Should we approach critiquing cautiously from now on, or is this an explainable one-time aberration? Some of us put a lot of time and effort into critiquing, so having our efforts evaporate is disheartening.
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    In an effort to keep application sizes smaller and up-to-date with the latest runtime routines, common 'libraries' are for the most part no longer included in the application package. Instead, the code for a particular routine makes a call to Google--which hosts a number of Java/JavaScript, Python, .NET, and PHP runtime abstraction libraries. Xenforo & vBulletin (as well as most other applications) uses JSON data models to serialize 'Plain Old Java Objects.' Google of course has to do things a little differently--mostly to make it easier for web developers to interface with their API's and run/authenticate Google Apps.
    There is a difference in how GSON is used to serialize JSON maps. The HashMap is primarily a defense against DOS attacks--but has other uses as well in terms of calling up a 'string.' Something is amiss in your routine code that handles this (and I have noted in several other broken features of the forum as well) that is preventing the routine from happening. GSON does not handle "nulls", the original application code must be modified to accommodate this. I note on my developer web console (Firefox) that a javascript null error in jquery.min.js (a library) is occurring, as well as throwing an appNoRootNode error. Is anyone on the development team bothering to debug this stuff and look at the conversion/serialization code--making changes accordingly?
    In addition, even though PN's fancy new front end is running https, images are unsecured. Another monstrous oversight by whomever is debugging/developing this turkey. :confused: Mixed environments cause problems with calls too... There are a couple thousand guys and gals in India that can fix all of these issues for us on the cheap!
  8. I'm copying this from the 403 error thread: Mikul Dube reports:<br>
    "Well, I can log in with Firefox but not with Chromium (both on Debian Linux)" <br>
    so it looks like there's still a problem with the 403 error for some users.
  9. It seems like it would be useful to have a central place for staff to post site-wide announcements--maybe a site announcement forum? Items like the ratings poll and site updates could be posted there and probably be more widely seen.
  10. I used to be able to post under "Brian Sweeney". I kept getting "Error, Choose Valid Name".

    So I changed it.

    Does the new forum software prohibit use of real names? It allowed my name to be used for several postings after the switchover.

    Who screwed this software up so badly that I can't use a name for posting that I've used for over 14 years?

    Kind of like the Dilbert cartoon- Our Beta testers are all dead. We have to release it.
  11. When did the error start appearing? And when did you change it to what you've got now?
  12. The error started appearing yesterday, after logging in.

    I ended up going to "account" to see that my screen name was blank. Last week I posted as "Brian Sweeney". Something must have erased the fields in the account setup.

    SO- I made up a new screen name to fit.

    Also- paragraph breaks disappeared in the posts made yesterday. I am using Chrome running under Win7.
  13. Since it's a very recent problem, I'm guessing that it's related to some bug fixes that were probably in progress yesterday. The development team monitors this thread, so if something did go wrong with a fix, then they should be able to see your post and make whatever adjustments they need to the patch. Meanwhile, I'd suggest trying to change the name again later today and see if it works, and let's see if others add the same problem to this thread. I'll add it to the list in post #2 of this thread. Gotta say that "null_account_name" is definitely an attention-grabber for a screen name!
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  14. The bug reports mention flickering/reloading in IOS devices. Does this same bug apply to OSX / MacOS / Safari? When I try to visit the site in Safari (MacOS 10.12.3) I get constant reloads making it completely unuseable. I've tried 3 different machines and all are impossible with Safari.

    Unfortunately Firefox has it's own issues with new Macbook Pro's so that's only a limited solution.
  15. It does indeed--I had the same problem. The solution is described in the How-to thread, Reply #12--you just need to delete the photonet cookies in Safari, then log back onto the site. (it's actually not a cookie problem, but deleting the cookies also deletes a cached redirect, and that's what solves the problem)
  16. Nice job Leslie in trying to reply to all of these individual issues. But I do like the idea of an un-replyable thread for the site developers to just post their state of the state on various issues. Make it read only for members and available for site admins to post comments to bug report updates or priority issues. I also think Bangalore has a lot to offer if the owners of PN want to get this site worked out in 2017 or not. Please ask them to stem the bleeding and get more resources on it. I just renewed but it was a weighty decision to do so. Especially if it ends up being a real waste of money for the remainder of the year. Money better spent on a different site with a more stable platform. But again, thanks for trying to be the be-all, end-all for the user community.
  17. Never found a renewal reminder and I looked through months of email and my SPAM directory - nada. Just upgraded rather than continuing my premium membership hope there's no real distinction there? Appears everything carried forward. The one issue that kind of bothered me was the recurring charge on my credit card, and no PayPal option. Not even a Google Pay option. Also missed the discount offered by taking out a 2 year membership at a time. Not sure what that may imply other than no discounts? Might be a safety feature too? No loss of next years money if the site doesn't weather through the next 2 years. Hope that's not the case. Still like to help keep the community going, crippled and all.
  18. Thanks. Perhaps someone can change the description to include OSX & MacOS and include a link to the solution rather than a reference that leaves people unable to find it.

    That's good for a temp workaround but what about a permanant solution? I mostly haven't used the site since the update assuming that this and other bugs would eventually be fixed. How many people will do as I did but then never look here and instead just go elsewhere?
  19. Just to add a bit to what @Phil_Light said... I wasn't aware of membership until a bit ago, just prior to debacle one. It seems now that everytime I think about it something happens that makes me wonder if photo.net is something critical or important to me going forward. It's a great bunch of folks who've been of immense help but posts/replies/discussions seem to be massively down since the latest upgrade attempt and it's those replies that are, to me, the greatest value.
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    posts are up 40% since upgrade - not including site help forum
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