Bug Reports Part 1: the list (expanded version)

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Leslie Reid, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. Doesn't it occur to them that someone should be minding the store in the event that key personnel are absent? What about both of them not being out at the same time?
  2. it should be back!! everything should be back!!! I'll review with those guys about what system alerts when out, they fixed very quick.
  3. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    You are a customer, but they don't work for you - think about you own life in the same context. Are you always available?
  4. Granted they don't work for me, Sandy. They work for NameMedia, and I get the feeling that the parent company may not be totally happy if what's going on here affects their bottom line.

    As to your second point, since I am happily retired, I can choose when I'm available and when I'm not.
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  5. Great news! Thanks!!
  6. Its all back including twenty weight loss ads.
  7. The good news is, google is monitoring you and, if you lose 20 pounds, the ads disappear. If you lose 40 pounds, the ads disappear and are replaced with ads for Ensure. :rolleyes:
  8. :) I see that the images are back up (mine and the gallery). I hope that all of the issues are resolved for everyone.
  9. Is anyone else seeing lengthy times for featured photos loading? 1+ Minute to do it and no indication during that time that anything is happening. Usually I see a "Waiting for Photo.Net" message in bottom of the browser. Here you see nothing. Tried it after clearing the browser cache but it was worse (Chrome). Firefox was slightly better but not by much. Other sites are not a problem with large image counts loading. I think you may need some indexing or query optimization in this area on your database.
    Also can't leave a comment on a photo by clicking on the dialogue box to "Leave a Comment". Have to click-on "View Comments" first to leave a comment.
    Gallery navigation is painfully slow and clumsy when especially after leaving a comment on a photo, I usually have to return to the beginning of the gallery to get down to where I left off.
  10. Still not a good way to run a business or a commercial site.
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  11. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, but it is what it is - the world "on line" is supposed to be 24/7. With smaller organizations that is sometimes just unaffordable, either financially or in terms of wear and tear on the staff. Those of us who are "here" as customers are here for various reason - otherwise we would have voted with our feet / wallets. It will eventually all work out, IMO. I just believe it is good to give folks a break.
  12. I think some of us vote with our voices. That way, we get to stay around and reap the benefits we still find here while letting administration know what the problems are and how disturbing they can sometimes be.
    The redesign was launched over a year ago, and I see no evidence that it will all work out, to be honest. I see very sincere trying and that's certainly a plus. But my sense is that PN will always have more bugs than it should and will always seem a bit amateurish compared to other sites. Why, just today, I was unable to post for a couple of hours because I got the old error message about waiting 191 minutes. Thought that was solved, but obviously there's still something amiss. None of that means there's not a bunch here for me.
    I do, too. I think, ideally, there would be a balance of criticism and patience and praise. I don't claim to have achieved that balance and it wouldn't hurt for me to try a little harder. I haven't heard a whole lot of criticism from Phil over the years, so I'm willing to give HIM a break here, since sometimes the frustration level does get a bit much to where you just want to voice it out loud..
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  13. Before the current owners bought this site and put Glenn in charge this was a vibrant and diverse community of talented photographers sharing their vision and knowledge on a platform that was functional and conductive to the exchange of images and ideas. We are now left with a few dozen active members in the forums with next to no activity in the critique and photo upload side of the site functioning on a platform that barely hobbles along on a good day. Managment drops by once a week for a few minutes, otherwise the site runs on autopilot. Clearly the owners have given up on the site, as have the majority of the past members. I suppose that If I had only arrived at PN in 2015 I would have a more generous view of the present situation, however I have been around long enough to remember the possibilities that this site had under sound managment on a stable platform. On a good day the NW forum still works so there is always that. The NW forum was what originally got me posting here.
  14. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    Where are your weight loss ads...there are no outside ads on our site.
  15. If I go to photo.net/photos/sanford and click on a photo (look at the bird cage photo) there will be a weight loss ad as a comment. I also have a few spam followers, including this weight loss guy. I would like to be able to delete comments and followers I don't want.
  16. There are about twenty of these.
  17. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    As always, thank you for the kind words Gordon. You are a pleasure to serve.
  18. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    OK those were identified as spammers and deleted on the account level - I have to find out why they are showing up as followers if they have been identified as spammers because their "deleted status" should not render their contributions anywhere. Thank you for reporting.
  19. Excellent summary Gordon and a bit of the current state of the state of Photo.Net. Critical review and the exchange of ideas for me have been the largest loss incurred with the new site. Most of the admires and favoriting of photos is done on a drive by basis, with most of those members having "0" photos or galleries of their own. Most are recent members who I suspect, just joined the site to be able to see the NSFW images. Real critical review is now a thing of the past. And I cannot emphasize it enough that it is a huge loss for the site. Many of us appreciate Glenn's tireless work but a couple of people do not make this a truly vibrant site as I felt it once was. It's really a shame. Just my $.02.
  20. 1. Photo Net Gallery View Shows Dupes (Dupes Not found in all photos/portfolio view) I suspect this might be due to having marked the original image as a featured photo, deleting it from primary view (photos in portfolio view), without having removed it from featured photo status, and then uploading it again. See dupes in gallery view screen capture below:


    2. Currently cannot get Gallery view to display from Profile when selecting any gallery to Add/Remove photos to gallery. May also produce HTTP 404 not found IF Gallery Views are displayed. See 2nd screen capture. This gallery has 7 photos only.

    Second Error:


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