Best mirrorless hybrid?

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What should I get as the best mirrorless hybrid:

  1. Sony A7 III + 24-105 mm F4 G OSS for 2600 € (due to Sony winter cashback)

  2. Nikon Z6 II + 24-70 mm f4 kit + FTZ adapter for 3050 €

  3. Canon EOS R6 + 24-105 mm kit for 3300 €

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  1. Thank you all for your help!!!

    My decision was made and I ordered Nikon Z6 II + Z NIKKOR 24-200MM F4-6.3 VR. I managed to find a great deal - 2.799 € (online store in EU). Planning to get Nikkor Z 50mm F1.8 S for it sometime close in the future.

    I would have gone for Sony a7iii if I was buying a cam 3 months ago, but right now seems that Nikon Z6 ii took the lead in all aspects.

    To note, Canon EOS R6 is in fact even better, but with equal decent glass, it would be way more expensive.
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  2. Didn't I say a DSLR? and an DSLR isn't an SLR? But a typical DSLR can be used in live view makes it a mirrorless and thus it's a hybrid mirrorless.
  3. Good choice! Congratulations. Have fun.
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  4. I haven't tried the 24-200 but I've read only good things. Sounds like a solid upgrade over your current kit.
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  5. Ironically Fro just posted this comparison a few minutes ago:
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  6. That’s not ironic. He posts a Sony/Nikon/Canon comparison every few hours.
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  7. Perhaps foolishly I accumulated 3 mirrorless Samsung cameras, 2 @ 16MP and 1 @ 30MP. Extraordinary sensors. Samsung zooms are OK but their primes are wonderful. I frequently use adapted Pentax K-mount lenses, my favorites being 50 2.8 macro and 50/1.4. My photos are almost always made with printing in mind (I visualize and inkjet print, sometimes intending to match the file and sometimes to produce what I visualized).

    I don't have much use for files that I won't print.
  8. Fuji.

    Or, Leica X something.

    The rest about market spiel ... a matter of faith.

    There's a thought.
  9. If you think about it, most hybrid cars ultimately run electricity generated by fossil fuel, roughly 40% of it coal in the United States. It's okay if it's someone else's back yard.
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  10. No use? My son just asked me for raw images of his now adult children - from 2005. They were never printed.
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  11. yep
    I'll vote Canon R5 ... or R6

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