ADOX Neutol Eco for film

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  1. Hi!

    By accident I got paper developer instead of film developer (ADOX Neutol Eco), but now I'd like to use it anyway.
    I read that it is possible to develop film with paper developers, so I'd like to ask you for details.
    Could you recommend me dilution & temperature & time combinations, which already worked for you?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have known developers that were recommended for both, more dilute for
    film than for paper. There used to be Versatol, 1:7 for film, 1:3 for paper.
    For paper, times are usually 1:00 or 1:30. I don't know Versatol times
    for film, but they might be 5:00 or so.

    Popular paper developers tend to give higher contrast when use for
    film than is usually desired.

    We might give a recommendation, but I wouldn't suggest using it without
    doing some tests first. I presume you don't have an easy way to get
    some film developer, and have lots of film to do tests with.

    Expose a roll of film with sunlit scenery, with normal contrast range,
    then (in the dark) cut the roll into three of four pieces. Develop one
    for maybe 5:00, stop and fix as usual. This should give a hint as the
    direction to go for another piece, until you zero in on a good time.

    Also look at the negative contrast, to see if it is close to the
    desired contrast.
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