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  1. Hi everyone, I'm not new to photography, but I need some help choosing what gear I bring with me on my first trip abroad. I'm a film shooter in the OM system, but like many of us, I buy more cameras then I need to. I'm heading to Armenia for 1 month in early summer and I'm intending on bringing 2-3 film cameras and my digital kit. I will be doing street photography, some portrait sessions, and some more general tourist type work. Now I can go from way to much stuff to very minimalist. I have primes for my OM system from 18mm to 400mm then zooms that cover 35mm to 200mm. So I could bring all my primes, or just the zooms, or completely differently I could just bring my Kodak Retina kit with the 35mm, 50mm, and 80mm, or even more minimalist is just the rollie 35. No matter the film kit I choose I'm bringing my digital kit. I'll list it below. Digital Kit: Olympus OMD EM1, 7Artisans 7.5mm, Olympus 17mm F1.8, Olympus 25mm F1.8, 7Artisans 35mm F1.2, and a Speed Booster(if I bring an OM kit). I've been thinking about what to bring for months now and can't make up my mind. I really appreciate any advice you'll can give me. I want to bring no more then two Domke f-2 bags of gear. But i'm getting bogged down with the details and need some advice from the veterans. Thank you for all of your advice!!! --Given Zane
  2. Hi all, Brand new to the site. My wife and I will be going on a 7-day trip to France in 6 weeks and I'm having trouble deciding which photography gear to take with me. A big part of it is film vs. digital. Here are the options that I'm considering. I have 2x Nikon F2 35mm film cameras. I can take 0, 1, or both. My wife and I have both been to Paris multiple times and seen the big attractions. We're also going to Normandy, which will be first for both of us. I plan to shoot a lot at Normandy. What are your thoughts or suggestions? Many thanks in advance! -paul Here are the Nikkor (Nikon F) lenses that I already own: Nikkor 50mm prime f/1.4 (2 of these) Nikkor 35-105mm zoom (planning to use this lens if I bring a Nikon) Nikkor 35-70mm zoom Vivitar Series1 70-210mm zoom (NOT planning to take -- too big) Nikon F2 (35mm film) black body + I already own it + Very familiar with F2 + No batteries required (and no menus!) - ISO fixed with film loaded - Haven't verified that it doesn't have light leaks - Haven't verified that light meter is accurate (not critical; I'm pretty comfortable shooting with sunny-16) Nikon F2 (35mm film) chrome body + I already own it + Very familiar with F2 + No batteries required (and no menus!) - ISO fixed with film loaded - Haven't verified that it doesn't have light leaks - Haven't verified that light meter is accurate (not critical; I'm pretty comfortable shooting sunny-16) Canon T2i (digital) with kit lens + I already own it - Hate using it (I despise using any menu on a camera) - Cannot use any of my Nikkor lenses (not planning to buy any more Canon lenses) Canon PowerShot G9 12.1 megapixel (to use when bigger camera(s) is in hotel room; e.g., going out to dinner) + Just bought it on FB Marketplace (haven't received it yet) + Compact + Dials/controls for quick changes (without needing menu) + ISO can be varied between shots (true for all digital) - Never used one Nikon D700 (digital) + Have read many testimonials about fantastic sensor and great ergonomics (minimal reliance on menus; have buttons) + Can use my existing MF Nikkor lenses + ISO can be varied between shots (true for all digital) - Big and heavy (even compared to Nikon F2; D700 body with battery is about 1074 grams) - Never used it - Would need to buy it (about $400) Nikon F3HP (35mm film) + Have read many testimonials about great ergonomics and build quality + Can use my existing MF Nikkor lenses + Have read that HP viewfinder is fantastic for those who wear eyeglasses (I do) - Never used it - Would need to buy it ($300-$400) Most/Heaviest Gear Load-out Option 2x Nikon F2 cameras (1 with 35-105mm zoom [lower ISO film]; 1 with 50mm prime [higher ISO film]) 1x Canon PowerShot G9 Least/Lightest Gear Load-out Option 1x Canon PowerShot G9 compact digital All digital in-between Option 1x Canon PowerShot G9 compact digital 1x Nikon D700 with 35-105mm zoom Film and digital in-between Option 1x Canon PowerShot G9 compact digital 1x Nikon F2 with 35-105mm zoom
  3. Still photographers don't think much about VS. But for cine's film users it is a big problem with acetate film stock. The Vinegar Syndrome Files…5 Year Test Results – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – II (home.blog)
  4. i got my film scans back and they all tuned out blue. what is the cause? i used expired film but i didn’t think it would affect it this much. is it the camera, expired film, or developing issues? i shot on a cannon eos rebel xs from 93.
  5. I shot my first roll of film on the Olympus infinity stylus zoom DLX that I got recently (and paid a lot of money for). I used Kodak 400 film and all of my shots turned out fuzzy and blurry? Not sure if this is a camera issue, or the type of film I used maybe being old, should I have used a different ISO film? Or is this a developing issue? I heard 400 was pretty safe for point and shoots if you’re not strictly doing indoor/outdoor. I like some of these shots but i feel as though it’s not supposed to be as fuzzy 😞
  6. It’s something I have been pondering over. I feel like I definitely take less risks when I shoot film, the photos are less dynamic & safer compositionally, expressions more static. I feel like I should specify that this musing of mine is around people photography and personal documentary, not landscape. I do not have the habit of spraying when I shoot digital but I was looking at a friend’s actor portfolio shoot she had done recently where she received 1800 photos (from what was a 2-hour shoot with a few changes for different looks) to sort through – made me think that there was no way you could do that on film… Were the results worth it? Probably, she did get some good shots, but was it a calculated method or a controllable(?) accident? And does it matter, if the results were good in the end. These days I do not shoot film for assignments, sold all film equipment when it suddenly resurfaced and gained popularity in late 2010s. It became too ubiquitous for the wrong reasons, a medium for the medium’s sake, a mannerism which was perceived as a way to turn into an artist. WHile it contributed to the decision, this was not the main reason, though, I simply felt analogue got in the way. Suddenly, shooting digital only felt liberating: lower costs, not having to change rolls and spoiling the flow, iso limitations, spending more time on scanning and processing than on the creative process/research/generating ideas. These days I only have a single analogue camera which I use for personal people photography or travel. It’s a Rolleiflex: one camera, one lens, one film stock (BW), own processing & scanning – eliminating choices and focusing on the subject feels like the right approach to me at this stage, but the results are still much, much more careful when compared to digital. When shooting film, I frequently feel I should have pressed that shutter even though the framing/moment/expression was not quite perfect but the gut feeling was there; as a consequence, with analogue I seem to wait longer, sometimes missing the shot entirely. What about you, does shooting film make you shutter shy?
  7. Hi everyone, I am getting a very strange orange bleed that is visible on the edge of my negatives and scans. https://imgur.com/a/URxVz#0 - these are someone else's images but my problem is identical. I have read it could be light pollution during scanning, but as it's on my negatives I can rule this out. I suspected a light leak, but my understanding is that light leaks should bleach, due to more light hitting the negative, and also be less uniform. Therefore, by process of elimination it must be a development error at my lab? I sent a batch of film off recently, and 2 rolls of Ektar came back with this orange bleed, 1 roll of Ektar was fine, 1 roll of Portra 400 was fine and 2 rolls of black and white were fine - so it's quite random and seems to affect entire rolls and not individual images within a roll. Would be great to hear back from anyone else who has encountered similar problems. All the best.
  8. Negative Lab Pro v2.3.0 | Color Model: Noritsu | Pre-Sat: 3 | Tone Profile: LAB - Soft | WB: Auto-Neutral | LUT: Frontier
  9. vork


    Hasselblad 503cw, 120 film, kodak mformat,film,6x6,artnude,nudeart,hasselblad,nu,photography
  10. rwjemmett

    Forest Glow

    This image was captured with a Yashica Electro GSN film camera in January 2021. I have added a border.
  11. vork


    Hasselblad 503cw
  12. vork


    Hasselblad 503cw
  13. Graflex Crown Graphic 45. Optar WA 90mm f6.8 at f22. HP5 at EI 200.

    © Howard Sandler 2020

  14. afte a short difficult walk you get the best location to take the photos.
  15. Leonard was the man who created Salvation Mountain. I shot this after dropping my Holga down the mountain while helping him put another layer of paint on the top, which was a never ending process. It was hot, back breaking work, and he did it every day.
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