Adolux APH 09 changed concentration (a bit)

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  1. Just to let you know that I received confirmation from ADOX that the concentration of Adolux APH 09 has changed a bit. Whereas before you would use a dilution of 1+40, now the same time but with a dilution of 1+50 is recommented.
    Question: I have been using Adolux APH 09 and AODX film for a while and noticed that the name has slightly changed to include (1+50). Am I correct in understanding that from now on, a dilution of 1+50 is recommended where we used a dilution of 1+40 before? In other words, has APH 09 become just a little bit more concentrated?
    Answer: That's true. The dillution changed a bit. But the formula is the same.​
    I've added a note to my development page to include the above information.
  2. That's disconcerting. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. My message timed-out before I could update it, but nice site, Hans. I enjoyed reading your development times. And thanks for the plug for my book<g>.
  4. Thanks Michael. And I did appreciate your book about stand development a lot, so credit given where credit was due.
  5. Old data is not very acurate anymore. And it's not clear in dilution using APH09 or Adolux/R09 one shot/Rodinal.
    I thinks it's very confusing now.
  6. The change seems to have started in 2007:
  7. Now I'm more confused than ever :) I'll see if I can get some more information
  8. I received an answer from ADOX, apparently the change took place about 2 or 3 years ago and they mentioned that the values given in the Massive Dev Chart are still correct. No indication on how to find out the difference in bottles.
    Judging from the statements by ADOX, I might have caused a storm in a teacup and nothing really has changed recently that we should be aware of. The way I interpret the email, we have been using the new concentration for some time.
    This was the reply:
    Changing was probably before 2 or 3 year. What we know is that the digitaltruth page still works.

    We had since all that time no customer wich have problems with this dillution.​
    The Massive Dev Chart entry for APH 09 suggest to use the times and dilutions for R09, but the R09 entries do recommend dilutions 1+40, 1+80, etc.
    I guess I'll shoot a test film, cut it in half and use the same times with a 1+40 and a 1+50 dilution to see what the difference is.

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