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  1. I got this out of a box of Nikon goodies a few weeks back, dont know much about it but its real clean, glass looks new, Dont know if its even a decent lens, but what would be a decent body to put this on, might check out Ebay for one. nikon70-200_1.jpg nikon70-200_2.jpg
  2. Vincent Peri

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    That's a Pentax lens, so probably a Pentax Spotmatic, Spotmatic F, ES, ESII, etc. camera body.
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    Pentax for sure - they were very good in many ways. Back when I chose a system, screw mount wasn't attractive - had to be Canon or Nikon. The lens will deliver on the right body. Sold them and saw user results back in the day.
  4. A 42mm to K bayonet adapter will broaden the range of Pentax bodies, KM, MX, and some digital cameras. It's a pretty good lens from what I'm reading.
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    That's a pretty common lens, and one of the least expensive Takumars to buy used. Most camera makers offered a good 135mm.You should get good results from it.

    There should be no issue mounting it on just about any screw-mount body. The later multi-coated Takumars had an extra little pin on the mount that can catch on some non-Pentax bodies.
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  6. With the right adaptor, it'll fit almost anything.

    Except Nikon F.
  7. When I lived in Tokyo, Pentax Spotmatics were plentiful in the camera shop's bargain bins. Often priced less than a lunch. Don't know the pricing on ebay etc. but should be cheap. Meter may not work unless specified as functional, but it is a nice and robust camera even without meter.
  8. Some M42 adapters do not allow infinity focus on some SLRs. The two I've had experience with are the K mount adapter by Pentax and Minolta's SR adapter. The K mount adapter bayonets into the lens mount of the camera and the lens threads into the adapter. The Minolta SR adapter threads onto the lens. Then lens with adapter mounts on the camera. A number of M42 mount cameras will work with your lens, but I'd recommend one of Pentax's Spotmatic series.
  9. SCL


    Definitely a Spotmatic
  10. A spotmatic, if you can get a serviced one with a decent meter. Personally I like the Yashica TL Electro X with the meter switch on the RHS of the body, rather than the left, which always feels a bit counter-intuitive to me, at least for a right handed user. The Super Takumar series lenses that I have owned have all been really well put together, and the smoothness of the focussing, after all this time is testament to that amazing Japanese grease! The viewfinder on the Yashica is brighter than the spotty too, and with an f3.5, that might count for something. Also, with the Yashica, you get a flowery 'Y' or even an 'atom' symbol on the pentaprism!

    I'd probably go digital though, if you really want to see what it can do,.

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