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  1. I presume this post is in my honor..So be it.


    Now, for those of you posting on this thread, do you hang out at landfills and dumps taking pictures of heaps of trash, trash trucks, and dumpsters? Is that why you bought your Leicas or whatever you're using?


    This is actually getting better by the thread. I feel vindicated.

  2. The Minilux and the CM have a different shutter design and the CM will not experience the E02 failure. Dave at Leica USA told me the cost to repair a Minilux E02 is about $100. I've heard as much as $175 elsewhere on the forum.


    Get the cognac brown cover. It's really nice looking. Also, don't forget the promotion they have running with the CM. I thnink it includes a flash and case. Not sure; check B&H.


    Good luck.

  3. I think all of your issues are with the lens. It sounds as though the lens is not registering corrrectly with the R8 to indicate the proper f-stop. This happens with the R8 since the reading is not optical like on the earleir r series cameras. To see if the camera is OK, try another lens if you can.


    R8s came out on 4 or 5 production runs. The Leica user forum may have some info on this camera as the runs varied by serial number.


    If the R8 can be verified to be working properly using a newer lens, then I would consider it for about $900-$1000. I wouldn't buy it with the lens.

  4. I've used the 75-200 for over twenty years and it has performed very well. Periodically over the years I would consider replacing it until I spoke with Jim Lager, who was working at Tamarkin's at the time, somehwere in the late 1990's. He told me that he used the 75-200 and has for years and was very pleased with it. Since then I never considered replacing the lens. I'm sure if/when it breaks, I'll repalce it with the 80-200, but for now it's fine. For today's prices, it's probably a steal; can be had for under $500 easily.


    Attached is a photo I took in Buenos Aires in 1992 on k64. It's a streetside fashion show. Excuse the scan.<div>00I9zX-32563084.thumb.jpg.1806a5b46dc360454e0f0990df88458d.jpg</div>

  5. I thought the NG bags were somewhat awkward in design and not as ergonomic and practical as one would expect from NG. In fact, the only thing going for them is the NG brand; that's the whole point.


    As far as the bag is concerned, get a Domke J2 and put the quad F2 insert in it or just use the F2. It'll work fine.


    Good luck.

  6. I got the FX-01 as it came out before the C-Lux 1. You can't beat its convenience. I think it's a hard camera to get predictable results. Some picture are really, really good while others which should be a no-brainer, turn out very poorly. I would not recommend purchsing the C-Lux 1 over the FX-01 due to the price difference.<div>00Hvjt-32172184.JPG.8d61bfd9123ec26f5af869736717c7d7.JPG</div>
  7. Regarding Moonrise Over Hernandez or Half Dome--In 1983, through a mutual friend, I had the opportunity (honor) to visit with and meet with Ansel Adams at his house/studio in Carmel, California. We spoke for about an hour about many things an hour including his then famous "Zone System". In our discussions, I recall him addressing the fact that he adjusted the tones/contrast in his photos (as well as cropping) but that he never manipulated them similarly to today's cloning. FWIW.
  8. I need a recommendation for the brightest white glossy inkjet paper. I use

    EPSON R1800 and R200 printers for printing my scanned slides and digital

    stuff. I use to use Konica-Minolta Glossy Paper before they disappeared as

    their papers were brilliant white and not too expensive. I've tried Epson (so-

    so), Some Iford (can't remember which ones), Kodak (so-so), Promaster (OK sort

    of), and Ritz (cheap but marginal). Thanks in advance.

  9. Insist on a replacement. Two years ago, I purchased 2 MPs (Authorized USA Dealer)of which one was defective. The dealer did not have a replacement so I sent it into Leica. When I got the MP back rom Leica, the meter worked, but the top plate was scratched big time. I then had to send it back to Leica and insist on a new replacement which they accommodated. It took one month after I purchased the two cameras to get it squared away; a royal PITA. SO either get a full refund or insist on a new replacement. Leica will work with you; hopefully the dealer will.


    FWIW, when I purchased my MPs, I posted on this forum that I was P.O.'d that I had to put up with this problem after having dropped some serious coin on the purchase. I got a lot of B.S. from forum members about me bitching about this; afterall the entire purchase was about $10K. I which I had the opportunity to visit with these people in person and convey my personal dissatisfation with them face to face; if you know what I mean.


    Bottomline, get a new one or get your money back. Accept nothing less.

  10. I've used Domke bags for years and I believe the inserts work very well. Not too bulky and yet flexible enough to protect your camera as the bag conforms to one's body.


    I recommend buying the bag which contains the inserts you desire as the inserts alone are overpriced I feel. By purchasing the bag, you get the insert included. Most inserts can be had with a bag except for the three compartment insert that fits in to the F/J 803 series which is sold alone.

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