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    Cinderellaville II


    Since there are no longer horrid step mothers or ugly step sisters in Cinderellaville, all the

    Cindys can spend Saturday afternoon primping for Abdula's Ball. Fragment from a Photo-

    Graphic Novel. Comments always welcome! --jim

    nomen est omen



    Thanks, Darko, your comments have always been an inspiration for me. As for composites, I just have to follow my own muse wherever it takes me. It's usually not very practical, but always interesting. BTW, what rules? --jim

    Taking a break



    I like the toning here -- nice balance between modern and historic. The image might be stronger if you crop out the jeep driver (but leave the tree!) --jim

  1. Hi Simon:


    I might quibble with the pinkish cast -- but not with the magnificent grotesque you have created! Mesmerizing.



    When looking at "Picking on Me" the other day, I couldn't help but wonder if the image wouldn't be more powerful had the feet not been distorted--even though the pointed appendages are clearly part of the theme. Anyway, after seeing "Room of Silence," I think it's something worth considering. Somehow the feet both anchor and humanize the image.


    All the negative space certainly conveys silence. But the textured background in "Picking" is so intrinsically interesting that it makes me think a similar background might work here as well.



    P.S. Thanks for the kind portfolio comment. 'Made my day! --jim

    The apple rose


    Hello Rickard:


    A rose by any other name would be... an apple! Perplexing and beautiful. I especially like the contrast between the desaturated fore-background and the gleaming red apple. And the abstract cocentric circles are brilliant. A thing of beauty! --jim

    in the year 2525


    Hi Jana--


    You just planted a nasty ear worm with that title "In the Year 2525."


    In the year 2525

    If man is still alive.

    If woman can survive, they may find.


    Anyway, I really like the ash-grays and the explosive feeling of this abstraction. --jim


    P.S. Your expedition sounds amazing. Unfortunately, with a daughter headed for University in 18 months, all my voyages these days are of the arm-chair variety.


    The lighting is perfect. Even so, I don't think this would have been much without that little twist that turned it from a static shot of icicles into something much more dynamic. The black background sets it all of beautifully! --jim
  2. Hi Anatolij:


    The desaturization really works! Nice composition too -- although it might be even stronger if you cloned out the other pedestrians. (Not an easy job, though, given their positions against the background.) I really like the positioning of the the boy's face -- right at the intersection of thirds! His body language and facial expression are especially interesting. --jim

  3. Hi:


    Your "mixed media" images are my favorite part of your portfolio -- and this is one of the best. Perhaps my first choice, however, is "lost canyon reflections"--the colors are wonderful and the refined textures really go nicely with the subject matter. -jim

    The 9th wave


    Hi ceslovas!


    I saw your portfolio for the first time recently and was completely blown away! This new one is a great addition. I can't tell from the jpeg whether that's a bird flying away with the bow line or an anchor being cast overboard. Either way, it's a great touch and introduces some suble action into the scene. Beautiful work! --jim



    Hi Jarek:


    I was looking at -- and enjoying -- your portfolio the other day. In fact, I think I saw this same headland minus the foreground rocks and geese and moon. Anyway, I for one, am happy the geese are heading north this time! Nice image. Great mood. --jim

    sequoia obduro


    Hello, my friends. I was thinking about what it might be like when the fossil fuels run out and

    people start harvesting every shred of biomass available. And this idea came to mind: "The

    Last Sequoia." Comments appreciated and valued. --jim

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