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Image Comments posted by jimmcnitt


    Coloring and textures are incredible. I find the gray areas along the edge of her face distracts from the overall sensitivity of the portrait. Still, it's very impressive. --jim
  1. Hi Jared:


    "Return to China" vanished from the Critique Gallery before I could complete my comment, but here's what I had to say:



    Wonderful work, Jared. Filled with mystery and quiet sensuality. I love the way you've shifted and overlapped images which, to me, gives the impression of a girl looking back into time. Hope you pursue this style. You've got a terrific talent for it. --jim


    A beautiful model, "sensitively" handled. You captured an amazin expression here... and the rest of the work done to focus attention on her eyes and lips is subtle and effective. I love it! --jim

    Erase una vez

    Another great view of this scene! The old sneakers and missing board add a nice human dimension that wasn't in the others -- and the B&W conversion is lucious! --jim



    Hi Joel:


    The contrast is a little flat, but certainly not the model. Very sexy!


    Did you scan the negative or a print? If it was a print, that would explain the low contrast. Something that I didn't discover until after 30 years or so in photography is that photographic paper has about 1/10th the resolution of film. So, all kinds of nasty things happen if you have to scan a print.



  2. Hi Stephan;


    Looks like a sandpiper to me, but I'm no ornithologist. As for the image, I especially like the way the drift wood echoes her beak as way as the soft feathery patches in the background seem to look a lot like, well, feathers. Nice one! --jim

    Monkey buisness


    Hi Rickard:


    Waiting for the phone to ring with no where to -- or at least no way out! The lighting, texturing, composite work is all nearly perfect. I especially love the whispy trail of cigarette smoke. The only possible suggestion I can make is that if this bored primate really were leaning against the wall, it would probably mat down his fur in the back creating a flat spot. A terrific job of photo compositin and very enjoyable to view. --jim

    T3 Me


    Hey, John, did you know there's now a red-eye tool in CS3?


    Seriously, what is a little ambiguous here is whether half of you feels like an indestructable robotic assassin from the future... or whether you feel half re-assembled with relacement parts? For the sake of your neighbors, I'll hope it's not the first.


    Anyway, you've done a terrific job here--both with your self-portrait and seamlessly blending in Arnold's alter ego. My advice, take two aspirin and go to bed. Hopefully the headache will be gone when you wake up in the morning. Best--jim

    Sinn an sich

    Well, to be brutally honest, Erland, it' brilliant. It evokes many gloomy, dark, gothic, disquieting and other deliciously disturbing sensations. Honestly, I don't see anything that can be improved. The aesthetics are awesome--fantastic photography and composite work. And the concept, while hardly original, is originally executed with your own unique and forboding style. Superb! --jim


    A cute little guy enjoying tasty young pine cone buds. If he leaves any for the squirrels, they'll go crazy when they gnaw on the cones in the Fall. At least the squirrels in my yard get so zonked they roll around on the grass all day and lose all fear of humans. --jim


    The flurry of wingtips at odd angles gives the impression of an abstract sculpture. It's a good grap, too, since I can see that two of the three are still in midair. Nicely done! --jim

    Cindy's Slippers


    This Cindy dreams of slippers... Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Manolo Blahnik, Bottega

    Veneta, Givenchy... she wants them all. Part of the Cinderellaville Series. Comments welcome

    and appreciated.


    Superb digital art, Dejan. Love the colors, the textures, the extoic character, the composition -- in short, I l love everything about this image. Magnificent! --jim



    Hi Rossy:


    This image and the previous version (with the balloons) both capture the feeling of childhood summertime fantasy with great skill. One oversight on this version that you may want to fix is the texture layer, which doesn't quite reach all the way to the margins on the left and the right.


    Another suggestion has to do with the shadows. None of them follow the angle of the sun's rays. Perhaps this is intentional? If not, I think you'd actually have a stronger composition if the shadows where correct, since they would serve to point the eye into the center of the frame from both sides.


    Anyway, a very whilmsical and imaginative work. --jim



    Hi David:


    Did you notice the baggie hanging out from the bottom of the tail gate? I wonder what could be in that?


    Man I hustle all day, eatin' cat fish and stapper

    Battle everyday ...(?)

    Tryin' ta have paper from the bottom to the tip

    Two words I can't resist, motherf****r or bitch

    I lost a few nickels but I never drop dimes

    Huh, Pisces is the rap sign (ANDRE NICKATINA)



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