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  1. <p>Talk to the people at the store where you bought the camera. They might know how to do a work around. They should be able to call the local Nikon sales rep and get some advice also.</p>
  2. <p>I already own an auxillary viewfinder. There is also a kit with a fixed 17mm lens. The price is too high but it will come down. Now we can see what Canon and Nikon bring to the table. How nice would it be if the next generation in the G series used an APS-C sensor.</p>
  3. <p>You are off base. Sharpness is a factor of the lens and image processing. Your A350 was a consumer camera and applied more aggressive sharpening in camera than the D300. I would suggest that you mount a 50mm lens on each camera and shoot the same subject at f11 with both cameras on tripods. Turn off the image stabilization on the Alpha. Shoot both in RAW, at the lowest iso, and apply the same adjustments to both images. I think you will find the cameras provide nearly identical results.</p>
  4. <p>I will shoot any 16mm film. I don't want to use the film that came with it. It is still sealed in it's little foil packages. I'm sure it's long past it's prime also. I need to find a second cartridge for it. I can use the film I bought for my Minolta 16.</p>
  5. <p>I was given a Viscawide-16 today. It has the original box, black leatherette case, instructions. UV and yellow filters, film take-up can, and four rolls of film. I camerapedia.org shows it as a second edition and less than 10,000 were produced. Anyone have a clue as to the value of this camera. It is in excellent condition and seems to work fine. I dosn't look like it was ever used. It looks like "new/old stock".</p><div>00TUvo-138770084.JPG.47ab57d21b1786475818fd869a68896f.JPG</div>
  6. <p>I picked up $350 worth of flashes for $30 and three Pentax 18-55mm lenses for $50 (total). A hadfull of cokin adapter rings for a buck a piece and extra batteries for my coolpix for $2 each. For $10 I picked up a new-in-box Canon Elph APS camera. In twenty years it might be a real collectors item and worth $5. I coldn't resist this one for my collection.</p>
  7. <p><!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --></p>

    <p >Shun is absolutely right. I recently bought a used D70 body. By todays standard the D70 would be eviscerated for it's noise levels. The way I shoot, from a tripod and rarely above 200 iso, it's perfectly suited. The D70 is perfectly capable of producing 12x18 inch prints though I seldom print larger than 8x10.</p>


  8. <p>I have asked this question before. In the past I was told to store lenses mount down because it was the strongest point on the lens. Most lenses sold today are packaged mount up. I don't think it really matters anymore. I still store my lenses mount down out of habit.</p>
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