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  1. <p>Okay if figured out the green button. I serves ALMOST no function at all. During review it is the magnification button and is serves as a quick reset for certain adjustments such as flash compensation. The problem is that you need to be in the adjustment mode in order to reset it. It is just as easy to use the normal controls. I hope Samsung makes this button customizable in a future firmware update. It would be a handy.</p>
  2. <p>The camera magnifies the view while focusing manually. There is no AF confirmation. The lack of an AF confirmation could possibly be addressed with a firmware update. It would be nice. A little oddity is the camera's "Green" button. The camera has a green button on top near the shutter button. This button is not customizable and doesn't seem to serve any purpose at all.</p>
  3. <p>Currently Samsung has three lenses available. A 20mm f2.0 pancake, an 18-55mm, and a 50-200mm telephoto. The rep showed us five more lenses that would be available before the end of the year. There is also an adapter available which allows the use of K-mount lenses on the body. Novoflex is has, or will soon have, adapters available to mount other brands of lenses also. The only area where the Panasonic beats this camera is in the video department. The larger sensor alows this camera better high iso image quality than micro 4/3 cameras. AF is on par with the Panasonic and the Olympus (w/ the latest Pen firmware).</p>
  4. <p>First impressions is this is a nice little camera. Solidly built. It is well behaved and predictable. The rear AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) is fantastic. The viewfinder is more than adequate for composing and shooting but MF is going to be a challenge. AF speed is acceptable (barely). It's not quite up to true SLR speeds. I had no trouble shooting birds and squirrels but fast moving sports might be difficult. It has a DOF preview button! Many people just don't understand how nice it is to have a DOF preview button. The white balance is average, it gets close enough to be corrected in post if you are being critical. Noise isn't an issue at all. In camera sharpening is pleasantly soft handed. No artifacts from over sharpening and the colors are not blown out. Most reviewers just don't understand how important it is not to over sharpen in the camera. A good camera will produce images which are slightly soft at 100% You will never see this unless you are printing large. It is better to have to apply a little bit of sharpening in post then to have artifacts in your image. Overall image quality is outstanding. The metering is accurate. I did manage to fool the camera's matrix metering with a strongly back lit subject but there was plenty of shadow room to correct in post. Center and spot meters are also available. Menu design is logical and quick but a bit more customization would be nice. It is possible to turn off either the viewfinder or the LCD but you can't switch manually between the two. The ergonomics are outstanding. The camera is just small enough to fit into the hands and the buttons are not crowded. The camera ships with a version of Silkypix if you intend to shoot RAW files. I didn't shoot video. It shoots 720 HD video in a Quicktime format. Video is a "me too" feature here. There is no exposure control and AF is disabled. I shot the 20mm f2.0 pancake lens. Love it! Love it! Love it! If I were to buy this camera that's the lens I would want. I also had the 18-55 and the 50-200mm. These are typical kit lens fare. They are good lenses with solid performance and more than adequate for the casual shooter or enthusiast. They are NOT professional lenses and are not meant to be. They are very good at doing what they have been designed to do. This little camera holds it own very nicely against Nikon's D3000 or Canon's XS or XSi. I would choose this camera over an Olympus Pen or comparable Panasonic.</p>


  5. <p>Ask the person at the camera counter to tell you about the features of the camera. Will they be able to help you after the purchase when you have questions? Then ask yourself what's wrong with buying this camera from Walmart. Price does NOT equal value.</p>
  6. <p>What Nikon needs to do is fairly obvious. They need AF-S updates to their line of prime lenses. Personally I would like to see the 85mm f1.8 get the AF-S treatment, followed by the 35mm f2.0 DX format 60mm (or 55mm) AF-S, and an 18mm AF-S lenses are needed in the consumer market. Branching away from OEM lenses; The aftermarket industry needs to produce an affordable ($300.00 range) APS-C ultra wide zoom. Back in the film days Tamron, and others, produced some fairly decent 19-35mm ultra wides. Today's consumer is asking for an affordable 12-24mm lens.</p>
  7. <p>If I understand this properly your new lenses are metering fine. The metering problem only occurs with your older lenses. Are your older lenses CPU'd or are they just AI indexed lenses. If they are older AI index lenses then you must enable the aperture ring from the custom settings menu for them to work properly. If they are CPU'd lenses but non Nikon lenses they may need to be re-chipped to be compatible. I've only ever seen this with Sigma lenses not Tamron.</p>
  8. <p>I have never found a camera bag I truly like. I like the way Domke bags are built but they refuse to acknowledge that photograhers leave zoom lenses attached to their camera bodies. They are stuck in the 1970's with their internal design. Lowe Pro and Tamrac bags are laid out nicely but they go for style more than functionality. Mrock bags are well thought out but they suffer from some irritating quality short comings. Their zipper pulls come off and the bags tend to be overly heavy.</p>
  9. <p>While in India I used the GP-1 and found it to be rather slow to acquire. I also had a Sony GPS logger which I wore clipped to my belt. The Sony device worked great. I had to sync my data periodically with my netbook. </p>
  10. <p>Sounds more like an electrical problem with the lens. The stop down is controlled by the camera but it needs a signal from the lens to initiate it. Try cleaning the electrical contacts on the lens. If that doesn't work then I would replace it. It would most likely cost more to repair than to replace. I disassembled my 50mm f1.8 after dropping it on the floor. It comes apart quite easily and logically. You might open it up and check for bad solder points along the ribbon connector which connects the pc board to the contact strip.</p>
  11. <p>We got some in the store yesterday. I played with it a little bit and it made a good impression. I like the fact that Sony is moving away from their Memory Stick product. I took it outside but I couldn't get it to sync up with any GPS satellites. I plan on playing with it more today. I really couldn't give it a good going over with customers in the store.</p>
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