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  1. I've done an extensive internet search for this camera and I haven't found anything. The only marks on the camera are patent pending. It's a 12 exposure, magazine fed, box camera. The shutter is a simple open/close mechanism. All help is appreciated.
  2. Your use of a wide angle lens really creates an odd perspective, elongating her torso and arms and throwing off the proportions that we are used to seeing. Good job.
  3. <p>I was given a Canon Pro 9000 Mk II printer. I want to replace the color inks with grayscale inks. I have found many suppliers for Epson printers but none for This Canon. Has anyone tried this before? I've considered buying some empty cartridges and filling them with black ink but I doubt that would deliver any tonal range. A search of the forum yielded no answers.</p>
  4. I was just given a Minolta XG-7 and an SR-1 bodies with an Auto-W Rokkor HG 35mm f2.8, a MD Rokkor-X 50mm f1.7, and a MC Minolta Celtic 35mm f2.8. I have never heard of Celtic. The build of the lens is quite nice. The glass seems to have a blue tint. There is some oil on the aperture blades and they stick a bit. Is this lens worth the trouble of servicing or should I pitch it?
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