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  1. Ralph; The lens is a Leica thread mount. The actual lens mount was donated from an old Soviet Fed 2 I bought on ebay. A few other bits and pices from that camera will find their way onto this camera also.


    Dan; I wanted to use the Elmar for lots of reasons. I already had one. It's also an excellent lens with wonderfull bokeh. I was also told that enlarger lenses don't necessarily make good l.f. lenses because they are designed for flat field focus. The mount also lets me experiment with my other Leica lenses.

  2. I guess this isn't a question but a blowing of my own horn. I just

    completed my rebuild of a Speed Graphic into a zippy field camera.

    A question I had posted concernig the use of a Leitz 9cm Elmar as a

    large format macro lens I've answered. This lens is awsome as a

    macro l.f. lens. It can close focus to about 6 in. on the S.G. with

    enough coverage for movements and very little fall off. I just want

    to thank everyone who responded to my many questions concerning this

    project. Your help was invaluable.<div>007RCj-16687484.jpg.2a04e3d741c6f52051e3d040337c0d53.jpg</div>

  3. I have the lens board now but it is a different thread than the Lieca Elmar. I thought both would be the same thread 39mm. Thats what I get for thinking. Now the question is; What adapter do I need to match whatever thread the Kodak enlarger mount to the Lieca Elmar?
  4. What I'm doing is mounting a 9cm Elmar to an adjustable Kodak enlarger lens board. The lens board allows up to 10 deg of lens tilt and then the lens can be rotated 360 deg of axis. The lens board is going to be used on a Speed Graphic and the lens used as a macro lens. The 105mm Kodak has enough coverage for 4x5 (barely) and might also be used for macro if it will work. This whole project is expirmental in nature if it dosn't work I can always sell the mount and 105 Kodak lens on Ebay.
  5. This lens board is made for enlargers and has an enlarger lens mounted on it. My primary objective is simple expirmental and driven by couriosity. I really don't have an effect in mind. I do have some really nice Leitz lenses at home and I'm curious, aside from the obvious vignetting, how they would preform when used on a l.f.
  6. The lens is well baffled against light leaks. There is enough of the mount comming through the mount to foam gasket. This would be expermental in the beginning. Just for fun, and to answer the "What if" question". I've never used enlarger lenses on a 4x5 and I'm not shure what the effect will be. I also want to try using some of my screw mount Lieca lenses. I think my last words will be "Hey everybody! Watch this..."
  7. A friend want's to sell/trade me a kodak adjustable enlarger lens

    board. This lens board allows up to 10 deg. of tilt and the mount

    can be rotated to position the tilt at any axis. My plan is to adapt

    this mount to my Speed Graphic. Has anyone seen one of theses mounts

    before? How much is it worth?

  8. First let me thank everybody for their answers to my question. I would still like to see some examples of this principle being exploited. I seem to remember getting good grades in High School Geometry but most of these explinations went right over my head. Glenn Thoreson's simple explanation (Thank's Glenn) is where I will start. I hope that once I get a basic understanding of what's going on the more technical descriptions will become clearer.
  9. So is this a fairly decent lens? I plan to use it on my Speed Grafic for b&w landscape photography. Possibly some portrait photograhy depending on how soft it is. I actually hope the lens isn't too sharp(I never thought I'd say that about a lens!).
  10. I managed to squeeze some test images out of our one remaining F828 this morning. I did a series of shots at 64, 100, 200, 400, and 800 ISO's. The noise levels of the camera are actually quite good. I must have been doing something wrong with my inital tests. The noise present at the higher ISO's of the camera are very "film like" with no decernable patterns. The images did warm up asv the ISO was increased. The lens showed some distortion at 28mm (eqiv.) but otherwise was excellent. This lens is very sharp. I didn't see any chromatic aberations but there was some sharping artifacts in the jpg's. Skin tones were very good and flash exposure was good also.
  11. I had my first look at the Sony 828 yesterday and had the opportunity

    to soot a dozen or so shots with it. The fit and finish of this

    camera is pure perfection. It is very responsive. The autofocus is

    fast! Even in low light. There is almost no lagtime with the shutter

    release. I was also impressed with the write speed. This is a

    beautifully executed camera. However, here comes the bad news, I

    found the noise levels high! My Nikon 4300 has less noise as did the

    5700. The great news is the lens. Initial shots show the lens to be

    very very very, did I say very, sharp. I would certinaly recomend

    this camera.

  12. I would certianly contact Nikon. Lenses arn't sealed air tight so I'm not suprised that this could happen. I've even had a spider with a web inside an old 200mm that used to be my fathers. From the spiders perspective I bet a fly would look huge if it landed on the front element.
  13. I have purchaced several Soviet cameras and have quite a collection going. Usually the older the camera is the better. A first production Zorkii-4 is a beautiful camera. Be carefull of cameras that look too new. I purchaced a Zorkii-6 that for all pratical purposed was new. I don't think the thing ever worked. Who ever owned this camera must have put it in the closet and never ran more than one roll of film through it. I also purchaced a Zorkii-1 in beautifull shape only to find out the film take up was defective. Again a factory defect which probably made the owner put the camera in the closet. The Zorkii-1 was easy to fix, I just used some parts from the Zorkii-6. My best experiences have been with "alex photo" also known as "asr photo", "zenitar", and "s e r g".
  14. Scott, the only flash that will work wirelessly with your camera is a Miniolta flash. I made the same mistake with one of my customers and a Promaster flash. The Dimage 7Hi/7i camera must use genuine Miniolta flashes for wireless slave. You spent quite alot of money on a very excellent camera. Why go cheap on your flash? The Minolta flash is 100% compatable.


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