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    Find me


    What this image really needs is a person in the foreground to add scale.  I would crop out the pillar on the left.  That bit of structure isn't adding to the image.

    road home


    The Rooster is too low in the frame.  I like the visual.  It looks like you cloned the bird into the image (which is perfectly okay) because he is sharper than the surrounding image.  

    Tree Silhouette


    Wow.  I wish I had taken this one!  I might burn in the area to the right of the tree.  It's a little hot and pulls the eye there instead of letting it run the course of the tree.



    I love urban decay shots.  I would vignette a little to focus on the carriage.  The glare on the right edge and the piece of carpet is a little distracting.  A little burning in would help keep the eye focused on the subject.  

    Endless flow 2


    I feel it's cropped to tightly along the top.  You can see the reflection of something up there but the way it is cropped It's just missing.  I do like the long shutter speed but I might have gone a bit longer.  

    Playing with Gun

    I would like to see his face. I won't go into a discussion of gun safety here. But who would ever give a weapon to a child? Thank goodness there is no magazine in it.


    I would lighten her a bit and darken the right side of the frame. The background is competing with her and it shouldn't. I like the way the bamboo frames her.
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