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Magic Tree with Winter Moon


Exposure was 30 seconds at f16 with a Pentax AF500 off-camera fill flash. Gitzo 1325/Acratech ball head. Adjusted Levels, Curves, Color, and USM in Photoshop CS in Ektaspace.

© 2005 WJTatulinski, Yarmouth Lane Photography

For more information please visit my website at YARMOUTH LANE PHOTOGRAPHY


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Walt, this is fantastic, surely one of the best I have ever seen made with a fish-eye. I can remember special trees from childhood, too, such as one that curved up and down over a creek. We would sit in the crook of the trunk and fish. I imagine that it has been undermined by now, but it might be worth taking a look to find out.
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Walter, this is an unusual shot--and I never would have guessed it was yours when I was thumbing through thumbnails. I like how you've handled the light here, as well as the peculiarities of the fisheye lens. Beautiful composition and cold blue colors!
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Walt this is truly a magical image. IMO this image has an impact on the viewer that other images would not even though they may be as appealing. It is that impact that moves it from a 6/6 to a 7/7.
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Because of the unexpected response on this photograph I won't be able to thank each of you, however, each of your visits here are what makes PhotoNet so valuable to me (and to others).

Lannie, I would most assuredly revist that tree you spoke of. As mentioned above, this particular one has been haunting me since childhood, and will probably (hopefully) continue to do so after my existence ends. You may be quite surprised what you find.

Guy, thank you for your comment. The depth of feeling that this image struck in me appears to have been transmitted to others as well. Regards to All!

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you've got such a genius for this kind of shot. subtle tones, simple, commanding perspective. really fine work. hats off to you!
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Thank you Jay, Ben, Hans, Peter, and Harry. It would be nice if I could get as pleasing a result more often. It seems that it only comes every fifty rolls or so for me. I should probably shoot less and think more. It would be cheaper in any case. Regards.
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walter, whateve works, and this does work. for what its worth, i follow the 100 monkeys theory of shooting a lot, which is why i stick with using a digital camera!
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Exquisite thoughtful composition. Great winter mood in the picture. Exposure is perfect and the light looks great too.


Excellent work.


Kind regards.

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Walter, this is really cool! Looks like you've had more snow to work with than we have here in Michigan. Love the mood and the "look" you have created with this image. Nicely done!
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Thank you all for visiting here. I posted this also on Photoforum.ru and only one person saw what I saw in it. Time is up, so I will let it out. Specifically, I see a sleeping human form, made of snow, reclining on his back along the tree trunk, his head nestled just under the large branch. Regards.
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