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© Copyright 2009 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.

Sunset at Cleveland Main Avenue Bridge, Cleveland at Night


Exposure was about 2 seconds at f22. Singh Ray reverse NDG filter. Spot metered off foreground bricks. Adjusted in Ektaspace using CS4.For prints sales please visit my website at YARMOUTH LANE PHOTOGRAPHYThis image is © 2009 WJTatulinski, YARMOUTH LANE PHOTOGRAPHY, All Rights Reserved.


© Copyright 2009 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.
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I usually do not venture into the city for my subjects, but I thought I would try something a bit different this time. This location, as peaceful as it may look, was quite busy. Regards.
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Ok Walt where is this and no I'm not going there tomorrow to shoot a sunset. I really don't recognize this location at all? I know I would have remembered those lights which BTW really add to this lovely shot.
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JK, thanks...this is almost directly beneath the Veterans Memorial Bridge on the East Bank. You were there, I'm sure, but just don't remember the place. Beyond the brick pavement, towards the sunset, is a grassy knoll that descends slowly to the river. There is a large circular fountain down there but you can't see it from this vantage. Just as well because it is not working anymore and is pretty ugly.


The lights came out better than I hoped for. They appear to the eye as white but because of the Velvia came out this color. There must be some kind of fluorescent lamp in there. I really like the green glow! Brings to mind the old DC Comic's Green Lantern stories.


JD...many thanks for the visit and comment. Regards.

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This was worth venturing into the city, Walter. Breathtaking. The light are probably sodium lamps, I had a similar change of color towards the green (Velvia) - the building on this image is originally pink. The guy who developed the film told me I was yet another one who did not get the color right :-) But in your shot, the illusion is more interesting than reality...
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That is probably what is in there Pete. The color is about the same as what is in your photograph. It would be difficult to filter this (if one wanted to), maybe a deep magenta filter? Probably easier on your photograph since there is more area affected by a single light source. Here, it would be too difficult to be practical. Thanks for the comment.


And thank you to Fabrizio, Moh, Hayder, and AK. Regards.

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By the way, it was mentioned to me that this was somewhat over sharpened, and I agree. I used NIK Sharpener Pro in "auto" and, being the first time that I used this software, I let it run to far. I thought it was a a little sharp when I uploaded it here but what the heck ;0) A better version is on my website at Yarmouth Lane Photography. Regards.
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Fantastic shot, the emerald color of the lanternd makes it stand out among thousands images in this style.
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The combination of the colour contrast, the way you've caught the light on the pavement and the shapes in the silhouettes really makes this stand out. Very well captured.



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Hi Walter, I see you are still shooting beautiful work. Terrific, saturated colors and I especially like how the texture and design of the bricks picks up the evening light.
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Bob, thanks! After I scanned the film I ran it through NIK Define noise reduction but left the part with the bricks alone. That allowed whatever film grain (not much in RVP) and scanner noise to accentuate the texture that was already present in the bricks. This gave me a nice smooth sky and a gritty foreground. Regards.
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Hi Walter--beautiful photo, the glow of the lights makes it extra special. We talked about a C-41 lab a while back and I just wanted to point you toward a good C-41 lab for 4x5. Praus Productions does a nice job and Edgar Praus is easy to work with.
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Thanks for the Info Dave...no one in my city will touch C41 4x5, at least I haven't found any who will! Regards.
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Many thanks Darko... I love that description of Velvia! Sumon...both you and Darko's visits are much appreciated! Regards.
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Esa foto es una maravilla, por los colores del cielo, las farolas, la textura y color de las baldosas, la composición... Un trabajo admirable.
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