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© 2006 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.

Point Prim Light, Prince Edward Island


Exposure was 10 seconds at f22. Gitzo 1325/Acratech ball head. Levels adjusted in Ektaspace using Photoshop CS.

This image is COPYRIGHT 2006 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.

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© 2006 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.

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I would like to know if you find this to be an attractive photograph.

I am especially interested in knowing member's opinion about the

foreground rocks. Thank you.

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Thank you Paul and Sondra. The soil and rocks at this location had a very pronounced red tone to it, almost like the deep red dirt on Kauai, or the bedrock near Manistique in the U.P. Some of that is coming through in this, though I admit it is quit dark. Regards.
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Definitely need the foreground rocks; provides perfect balance to the rocky area where the lighthouse is. I would probably prefer even more foreground and a little less at the top of the shot to eliminate the horizon being almost perfectly centered. Love the blue tones with the hint of red; very appealing! I think the light clouds in the sky really add to the shot.
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I agree with everyone else that the rocks in the foreground really add to this image. I also really love the blue...so serene...works well with the calm water and gentle clouds. This also seems to have a very translucent glow to the overall image...not sure if I'm really describing accurately what I'm thinking, but it's quite beautiful. Maybe like stained glass with the light coming through from behind. Does that make sense? Anyway, very nicely done.



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Walter, outstanding!!! The shoreline in the foreground indeed helps to anchor this image - your time lapse and tonality are perfectly fitting here. I've never been to PIE - perhaps someday. Happy Holidays!
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Jen! thanks for stopping by...praise from the "Lighthouse Master" is indeed an honor. And thanks to Wilson, Chris, Leslie and Kim for the visits too. Happy Holidays and Best Regards to all!
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