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© Copyright 2010 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.

Christmas Night in Downtown Cleveland 2009, Cleveland War Memorial


Long exposure about 30s at f8. I used two very large #3 flashbulbs (GN about 550 each!) next to the camera and set them off manually when the shutter was open. WHAM!

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© Copyright 2010 WJTatulinski, All Rights Reserved.
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First, although it does not look like it here, it was blisteringly cold the night I took this shot and the wind was really screaming through the city. It took me a good eight minutes with frozen fingers to set my equipment up. Camera on sticks with a couple of light stands for the flashes. Needless to say I was not enjoying myself. I was able to snap-off this frame and one other when out of nowhere a cop came up to me and told me that tripods were not allowed on the mall. Unbelieveable! It was about 1:30AM, not a person was around (except for the cop) and he wanted me to pack it in, and this is on tax payer paid public City property.  Again, un-bloody-believeable.

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Walter, I think, if the building to the right is a hotel, that is where I stayed a couple of years ago. There is a little italian restaurant down the street; very good.


Nice image - Sean

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Thanks Sean! That building is indeed a hotel, the Marriott at Key Tower, and I think I know the restaurant that you are referring to. It was called Frank & Pauly's but is now known as David's. My favorite restaurant is San Souci, located in the Terminal Tower building. Regards.

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A wonderful night shot, Walter. Can you rely on the built-in meter or is it guesswork. I have not yet tried many night shots with my 67II, but I remember getting an exposure reading about 2 stops above the one I get with my old Canon.

I guess you scared the guy with the flash, GN 550 bulbs might look quite powerful in action...

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Hi Peter! Guess? I never guess, however, I do bracket like crazy ;0) The metering in the 67II is really quite good and I find I can pretty much rely on the matrix mode for the correct exposure. My older 6x7 (the Big Pup) has only full frame metering and it takes a little more experience to get it just right. As for the flash, well that's another thing altogether. Being about 60-70 feet or so from the monument, the GN550 bulbs worked out to about f8 or so. Regards.

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Thank you, Walter. I do measure and bracket, too, although for night shots I could rely more on my Canon EOS3000 matrix metering better. For daytime, most shots are perfectly exposed with the Pentax, as well. I am very happy that I got this camera, I hope that film shall continue for some years.

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Dramatic result!   I like the balanced composition.   The detail in building behind the statue adds depth.


Did you try other angles as well?  Maybe one stepping slightly to the left?

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Hi Dave, Thanks! I have one other shot and it is to the left but I prefer this one because the Terminal Tower (tall red/green building) in the back is more visible here. I was going to try a shot a step or two to the right, which would have given more separation to the Terminal and the adjacent building on its left, but was "accosted" by the law.

Another possible cool angle would have been way to the left so that the "star" in the upper right would have been over the upward-pointing monument. Problem there would have been that I was shooting at the back of the monument and would not have seen the face at all, so I opted for the position of the above image.

I think this could use a little perspective correction to straighten the building on the left. I tried to keep the camera level but still had to tilt up.  The 4x5 would have been the one for this. Regards.

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Thanks for your thought process on this one.  So many tradeoffs!

My thoughts exactly, on the star at the top of the upward pointing statue.

Accosted by the law--that happens to me all the time in downtown Grand Rapids, but it is usually security guards.  I'm starting to carry around a printed page of photographers rights and even taking their photos to document the occasion.  A tape recorder might intimidate them enough to make them walk away.

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Dave, I may well have to add the defensive paraphanelia that you metion to my camera bag. Good Grief... as though I'm not weighed down enough by a 6x7! I never was told why tripods were not allowed at this location, only that they were also banned on the Mall in Washington DC. No kidding, that is what the guy told me. Now,  am I missing the Prez and First Lady somewhere in the above shot or what?


A few days later I told some friends at the office about this incident and they suggested that one of the building's owners has "image rights". This may be what is going on here because I have been told "no tripods" at one or two other locations, but those were clearly on private property. The idea being  that a tripod would permit one to make a professional image and that it could be sold; the property owner wants a cut of the action.  On private property I can understand that, but here, in the above photograph, I am standing on public property.  I really do need to follow-up with the City government  on this situation. Regards.

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Here is the page I keep in my wallet:


It has good advice on what to do when confronted.

While standing on a public sidewalk I've been told to stop--not to take one more shot, or risk facing the consequences.  LOL, whatever...  

Maybe if I were retired and had the time I'd press them on the issue.  All it takes is one phone call from a security guard and they'd probably take me away.  The last thing I need is 48 hours in jail over a picture.  Apparently, police can hold you that long without charging you.  


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