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Where do we live?


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Chatsworth, a Southern California town in the northwest corner

of the San Fernando Valley. I'm lucky enough to live up in the

middle of the sandstone wilds, where coyotes provide for a

midnight chorus, and street signs mysteriously disappear too

soon after they are installed, the better to preserve the cherished

anonymity of all who reside here.


Best regards,

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salem, oregon - i can offer assistance to anyone visiting who would like to shoot the incredible columbia river gorge, our magnificant variety of landscapes from lush rainforests and mountains to the open vistas of the eastern deserts, bridges or architecture.
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Bob, 2-5 hours to the various locations depending on distance, traffic, weather, & fools that are driving in the same direction, that can't drive and talk on the cell phone at the same time. You know the guy, cruising along at 75mph, all of a sudden the guy drops speed by 20mph, for no apparent reason, I pull along side grab a look he has the cell phone cradled on his shoulder, cup of coffee nestled between his legs, GPS lit up like a Xmas tree, his windshield wipers and left turn signal are both going and he has his lap top on the dashboard. Ever run into this guy?
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