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Where do we live?


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James and Jay De Fehr I too live in Boise ID. I'm glad there are others in our fair, all be it HOT city that know what a real camera should look like. I work for Parks & Rec. Maybe we"ll cross paths. I would suggest Stanley ID. All the mountains and high lakes you care to see.
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Tribby, there is this chickster down at the beach (I live within spittin distance) who keeps getting tickets for her uh non compliance with certain city laws regulating the amount of coverage area necassary to be within the prescribed laws. And those lifeguards fight every day just to see who gets to write the ticket that day. You gettin any of them pesky tornaders out there this year? Be good and watch that language boy. Hear me!? Lumberjack
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In a nutshell - not where I want to live ;^)


Jackson, NJ (the geographic center of NJ). Home of Great Adventure (Six Flags to everyone else). 3rd largest town in NJ (103 sq. miles) but only 44,000 people [so far]. The way the housing market is going here (they're dropping 25 McMansions in behind us starting at $472,000), I will soon be able to sell my house and afford to live where I want.


Where will I mostly likely live in 2-3 years? Prescott, AZ


If money were no object?

In order:

Monterey/Carmel/Pacific Grove, CA

Santa Fe, NM


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thanks uncajack...


i think maybe you should ask if she minds her pichur taken? naw, wudn't too bad this year. only 59 tornadoes as of the end of may and most, je's pesky, lil' f2's and lower. only one went f4, so we've had it real good, i must say. sadly, this year's f4 chomped many of the neighborhoods that the big one did(f5+ may thurd '99). i was a long way from this year's f4, five miles at least but the following day we had a purty hairy lil' f3 tear-ass right in front of the newspaper office. and there i was, up too high in a glass building, watching the 'nader's rollin' blackout head my way. like a hunnert blue and green gelled strobes goin' off left and right as the transformers popped below, then dark, then on batt'rees. the phones in the newsroom were goin' batshit. all the daytime editors and kinfolks from all over the country callin' in to see if we were still here. everyone in the whole building but me and two reporters in the basement, shakin' like dogs passin' a peach pit. missed us by 1/4 mile. i hate them damned tarnaders whut come of an' evenin'. ya je's cain't spot 'em so's ye kin run.


we'uhll keep arn heads down an' luv tew yew and yer's,


Tribby McVeigh-Streisand Thurd the III, esquire

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Newport Beach, California. How did that happen?! I was living happily ever after in Berkeley, CA, when my wife got a can't-pass-up job offer in Irvine, CA. I'm still exploring photographically. If you're in town look me up and we can explore together, or leave the cameras behind and go surfing. Your call.


If there's a moderator reading this, how about adding city, state, and country fields to the Search form in the User Directory (http://www.photo.net/directory/)? It would be a handy way to automatically do what we're attempting to do manually here. Just a thought.


By the way, Steven Dusk, did you actually command all those buses to line up like that on the bridge? Or was it just a fortunate coincidence?

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