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Where do we live?


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Yeah yeah yeah! I know it was posted a long time ago but I'd like to

know what location everyone here now lives. I live in San Diego at

the beach. If someone were coming to Sea World (uhg) I could tell

them about some places they might like to photograph. What roads at

what times to avoid. Where all the hot chicksters are if yer into

that sort of thing> Likewise I may be going to The Bristle Cones

around the same time as Mike Lopez. I might be going to Shore Acres

in Oregon or to The Sand Hills of Nebraska. If we all put our names

and places where we lived, some of us might get to meet. I have met

quite a few people from this site. I'd like to meet many more. So how

about it? James-San Diego Calif.

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Near cloudy, rainy, economically depressed, Rochester NY. Also referred to in a review of a CD produced here as "the icy hellhole of Rochester NY". On the bright side, we have the George Eastman House, RIT, and (last time I checked) Kodak. Nearby is Village Camera in Seneca Falls, with lots of used large format stuff, and Film For Classics, when you have the urge to shoot some no-longer-produced rollfilm.
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Cape Ann area of Massachusetts! Beautiful ocean views and plenty of first period homes to explore!


I am looking for places to stop and photograph on my road trip out to Montana from Boston in September if anyone has some suggestions. The route I take isn't critical and the time to get there not an issue either. Lanscapes both urban and rural would be great!

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Riverside, CA

This week I'm planning to depart on a trip to photograph the coastal strip from Marin County to Crescent City. In particular, I will be spending most of my time in the Crescent City and surrounds - and, Eureka and surrounds. If anyone can direct me to some site(s), it would be appreciated. I am a 4x5 black & white guy.

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Beetween "Mödling" and "Baden near Vienna". This is 15 miles south of Vienna, Austria, where the austrian emperor Kaiser Franz Josef I. spent his weekends. And I am sure that you can imagine that this is a wonderful place to live, when an emperor - nearly 90 years ago - made it to his choice.
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