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my account disappeared. can i get it back?

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hello all

i realised i was in trouble 7 years ago when i posted the ATTACHED query 

no one replied and then i forgot about it

in the last 9 months or so, i realised that not only can i no longer access my account, but it's actually been deleted

any way to get it back ? 

the posts from the early 2000s contain photos that i have no other copies of

the username would have been ben owen-browne or benowenbrowne, i guess, and the address perhaps was benowenbrowne@hotmail.com

fingers crossed and many thanks



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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Photo.net transferred all the accounts to their new platform in 2022. If your account was not accessible in 2022 which you say it wasn't, then it probably did not get transferred over. After Photo.net transfered over all the accounts that were 'active' on the old photo.net platform, (the 2010 version), there might have been a grace period where they held on to the old platform to make sure they did not miss anything. However that period is definitely over, so I would assume that there would be no need for them to hold on to the old platform since it takes up a lot of space on their servers. 

There is a slight possibility that the old platform was Archived somewhere and may still be accessible somehow, but right now Photo.net is running on Automatic. Unlike older version where you could contact the administrators, it is virtually impossible to do that these days. You might try writing them a letter if that's possible. I think the links are at the bottom of this page.      

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