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Royal lack of PS skill!

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19 hours ago, samstevens said:

Hi Sam, yes, the obvious 'Photoshopping' is laughable! As is the way that this resulted in such 'PR chaos'. It completely negated any positive effect the publication of the photo was designed to achieve. You'd think that William & Kate - and certainly the palace's PR people - would have expected that this photo would be picked apart.

As you can imagine, the 'photo story' has been headline news in the UK and a major topic in news/commentary TV programmes. "Kate" is still the nr. 1 'trending topic' on X (formerly twitter). From what I read, public (and media) opinion tends to break down into 3 groups:

- those that are appalled by this blatant - and very amateur - attempt at 'photo manipulation' (like the press agencies who's stance was that it didn't meet their media guidelines

- those that just think 'Aw, c'mon it's just a series of informal, amateur photo's that Kate tried to touch up in a very amateur way that she shared on social media. Kate's human and makes mistakes too'.

- those (like me) who are just puzzled by this whole unnecessary affair: the need to either create a composite photo and/or patch and clone in photoshop and why Kate (as a Photoshop novice") decided to do this herself; Kate has taken and published 'informal family photos' on social media in the past (with no indication of blatant edits) and has received only positive feedback on them. For me, creating a 'composite photo' or patching/cloning' is always the last resort if none of the photo's in a series is good enough to publish 'as is' with only minor adjustments. I gather William took the original photo(s) 😉

Ignoring the very amateur photoshopping  (and the need for it) for the moment, FWIW, I think that there are a couple main factors underlying the 'photo affair':

- The photo is the 1st one published of Kate since she underwent abdominal surgery on January 17. It's therefore 'important' and was was always likely to have been highly scrutinized for clues about her health and recovery

- As with all photos published on Kate and William's social media accounts, there's always some confusion - especially in this case - whether it was an 'official' Royal photo or just an 'amateur, informal photo' taken by one of the family members

- Any hint of 'photo manipulation' feeds into suspicions that additional 'Royal photos' are manipulated in some way to create the best 'PR'

My take: it was just a stupid and misguided mistake by Kate to try and 'salvage' (or improve?) the original photo(s). She's made a general apology but she hasn't really explained her motivation for trying to manipulate the photo(s). IMHO, neither William nor Kate are fools. Since the original photo(s) are not being published, something's going on behind the scenes that we don't (yet) know about. My personal fantasy is that the original photo(s) weren't ideal and Kate - misguidedly - tried to make the best of them. Should Kate and William have brought in a professional photographer? Most definitely!





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