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Is the Canon 80D still viable in 2024 ?


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My backup Canon 50D is getting a little long in the tooth, so I'm thinking about replacing it with a similar camera.  What I like about the 80D is the fully articulated screen, long battery life and yes, pop-up flash. Those seem like meaningless features, but to me they are very important for the type of shooting I do. One thing I hate is to have a battery suddenly die on you while you are in the field, or having to constantly charge it. I always wanted a "flippy screen," none of my current cameras has one and not only that, you can focus just by touching the screen ! Some people don't like the pop-up flash because they say it's not "professional", but I can't even count the times when the pop-up flash on my camera helped me get a shot, or save a shot. I say Why not ?

In any case my pennies can only go so far being that I'm semi retired. I was also looking at the Canon 5D Mark IV, the Pentax K3 III and even an old Yashica TLR. Mirrorless, forget about it,  I don't have the funds, or the  inclination to go that way right now. Of course there is also the 90D which is even more modern and more expensive than the 80D. The 90D has of course more megapixels and a Joy-stick that is missing from the 80D.  Other than that the cameras are about the same(IMHO).

Canon stopped incorporating the Joy-stick on all their pro-summer APS-C cameras starting with the 60D, Why ? that's cannon for you. Good thing they decided to put it back on the 90D.  My 50D still has a Joy-stick and to me looks and feels better built than either the 80D, or the 90D.   Maybe when my Canon 6D which I recently had CLA'd conks out,  I might think about the 5D Mark IV,  but as of now it is my only FF DSLR. One thing I learned about the 6D is that  it is NOT a professional camera. The images it takes might look that way, but it can't handle the riggors of every day life for too long.            

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The 80D and 90D appear to use Canon's latest APSC sensor tech and they are clearly the last of the Canon DSRLs that will be developed, so I don't know why they would not be viable for long, long time.  Besides some specific feature differences, the 90D's resolution is certainly a standout, at a somewhat higher cost (used?).  Used 6Dii are also being sold at attractive prices if you wanted to have all FF cameras, but no pop-up flash and I don't think the build is any better than the 6D.

If you wanted be a little adventurist, the Canon R50 sells new for about $650 (plus about $130 for the EF adaptor), and you can see how Canon's latest AF tracking and subject recognition works.  I believe the rear screen is fully articulate and it has a pop up flash!  I would expect the image quality to be similar the 80D.

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