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Photoshop Elements vs. Apple Photos


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Photoshop Elements, depending on the version you have, has about 80% of the functions of it's big brother Photoshop. Although some functions might not work as well or as efficiently. PSE has multiple Selection tools that let you isolate certain parts of your image for easy editing. With the later versions of PSE you can also use Layers for added control in your editing. This is what sets it appart from Apple Photos and other basic/consumer software editing packages. PSE does not hog up as much space on your hard drive as Photshop does,  but it is still a highly bloated software compared to its competitors.  

On the other hand, Photos is is a photo management and editing application developed by Apple. It was released as a bundled app in iOS 8 on September 17, 2014 and does not take up as much space, or does it use as much resources as PSE. If you like to edit photos on the fly on your iPhone or iPad Photos is not bad actually.

I use it on the job to edit my real estate photos and the results are outstanding. The only thing, is like I said it does not have Layers, or Selection tools for more complicated edits. Since Photos is bundled with IOS the editing is highly efficient and it can also make you photos look really good, almost like the backlit images you see on the back LCD on your camera.   

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"With the later versions of PSE you can also use Layers for added control in your editing"

Actually all versions of PSE had the Layers function, but not as sophisticated, or as powerful as Photoshop.  Later versions added more features...  

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