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We are doing some community outreach programs for assisted living homes. We want to set up a small studio area and give the patrons free photographs.

We are looking at all of the software packages for photo booths, etc. Any suggestions for a simple shoot and print. Basically a 80D with single studio flash tethered to a PC - tethered to a DNP DS620A. These are not volume events but would like to opportunity to expand to others events. So far Darkroom Core appears to be the best to grow with, maybe not the easiest to learn. We used a borrowed Photo Booth last time. Problem is that most of the patrons are in wheel chairs and we had to physically tilt over the booth to capture them.  Thus the camera on a tripod manually fired would work the best.


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I would suggest trying with an iPad or similar tablet connected to a wireless printer. I will explain my reasons:

  1. You can easily use it floating to shot the pics a every angle or position
  2. Easy to use a tripod
  3. Helps you to allow people to see themselves and select the pic they want
  4. You can use it with the front camera (you on the back), or along a bluetooth trigger, so people can watch themselves as they smile and shoot
  5. With an iPad you can easily use the icloud account to check the photos on another iPad or computer without compromising the shooting iPad

Photoboots are great, but I can totally understand what you mean regarding positioning the camera, the angle, lower angles, the wheelchairs, etc.

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" Basically a 80D with single studio flash tethered to a PC - tethered to a DNP DS620A. "

I say the set-up you are thinking about is probably your best bet. I'm not sure how many people you plan to photograph,  but a roll of 4X6" or 5X7" can get you close to about 300 prints. If you are planning to print in the 6X8" size, then a roll will probably last about 150 prints.  If you only plan to print 4X6" images then a Canon Selphy 1500 which can print in 4X6" or less, is much cheaper than the DNP and the prints look about the same.  

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I set something similar for a youth nonprofit where the kids/families oftentimes didn't get family photos.  We used Darkroom Booth as the software as we could do cheesy things with it when desired, but it takes someone interested and comfortable playing with the software.  I have not used Darkroom Core, so I cannot compare.

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