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Cant add nor delete photos from my profile. Also, all forum posts and contributions erased

Ruben Silva

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2 hours ago, mickeysimpson said:

I accept the fact that an automated time delayed procedure runs to delete images that have been selected for deletion by the content creators.

My last note asked about the scheduling of that procedure.

That was not a complaint, it was a question – a suggestion for resolving a problem that I and others find troublesome.

You want suggestions. Great. Please look at the schedule as that should only take 5 minutes to determine 1) what the schedule is and 2) can the schedule be changed.

Indeed, your last note was about the scheduling of the time delayed permanent deletion I did not interpret that as a complaint:

Moreover - I believe I answered your note, however if my response has been misunderstood I will restate using different words - the time delayed deletion process will stay as is for the time being and for the foreseeable future.  

Indeed, suggestions are welcome: as was your suggestion welcome - and then processed, investigated, considered and then answered - the time delayed deletion process will stay as is for the time being and for the foreseeable future.  


However my guess that you might have deleted the same image twice was wrong - but from that guess comes this . . .

2 hours ago, mickeysimpson said:

I do not delete images more than one time.

1)      Some months prior to the migration I deleted approximately 850 images as I was having serious health issues and did not want to leave it to my survivors.

2)      After the migration the images suddenly appeared. I took it upon myself to delete them and it appeared that the images were permanently gone.

3)      Later, the images appeared again. I deleted them again.

4)      Then yet again the images appeared, and I subsequently asked that the PN moderators/admins to delete them. That was performed to my satisfaction and the images have not been “restored” as of this date.

Although the text was at first read a tad confusing for me - "I do not delete images more than one time" then "Later, the images appeared again. I deleted them again." appears as a contradiction, however I think I have made sense of the meaning of it. 

I think what you mean is, as a matter of course you do not delete images twice - however when the "deleted" images reappeared after the migration you deleted those images again.

These details you have provided are relevant and very interesting, thank you: the detail you have provided might help solve another matter on which I am working.

For your interest and understanding - my next educated guess is: the 850 images you "deleted" before the migration were never deleted from the server and thus carried over via the migration. I won't go into the details - suffice to say your experience as detailed above goes to better explaining/understanding some other issues. So  - Thanks for the detail

Nonetheless: pursuant to your images and the methodology as to how all members can delete their images and concerning how a member can have their account cancelled and all matter deleted   - these matters are closed in this thread.



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By the way - on the matter of 'deleting' - it behooves one to mention the fact that - once anything is published on the www, that publication can never be 'deleted' If someone has the skill and desire then, any 'deleted' publication, can be found. Which from a quirky end-point philosophical point of view, renders these discussions moot, or perhaps to the IT purist, laughable.

I assume being in IT for decades you'd already know this so it is mentioned for others who might not understand this very important point.

Notwithstanding good quality door locks, and the owner having the key to those locks, makes people feel safe and has a certain amount of protection - I understand that point too.

Your other conversation is akin to this thread - about to kill or not to kill the "download image" button - LINK - and I made the same point there, too.


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Upon a re-check, there appears no images in the portfolio of User "mickeysimpson".

Additionally, upon further research several of the same points have been raised previously and indeed addressed by TGOPS and other Moderators: for one example, on February 8th in this conversation - LINK 

Obviously my recent absence from Photo.net rendered me ignorant of these previous conversations, and it is now that I better understand the comment Sandy made recently in this conversation.

This topic is now closed.


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Many thanks to @William Michael for bringing clarity to this question.

Numerous things have to be done on a regular basis in the background.  Refreshing caches, sending bulk groups of emails and notices, so on and so forth.  Some work every 5 minutes, some weekly or monthly.  These are called 'cron jobs' where a cron rule triggers the platform to act.  I believe that the cron for emptying trash is on a 1 hour trigger.  So there will be a window from a user's action until the cron action in which trash is permanently deleted.


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