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Leica look here?

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The picture lacks the "etherial glow" described as the Leica look, usually achieved by shooting a scene wide open. Having said that, I too like the shot. It reminds me of some of the towns I used to spend the summers in in the southern USA and some of the small railroad towns in the midwest. The 4th version of the Summicron 50 is noted for its biting sharpness across the frame, quite an achievement wide open IMHO.
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Early Summicron lenses (mine are v2) seemed to emphasize sharpness over contrast. To a large extent, this was due to glass and coating technology. To get more sharpness, you need more elements. More elements meant more reflective surface and more loss. My 50/2 has 7 elements, which was reduced to 6 in later versions. A top end 50 mm modern lens may have 9 or more elements, stacked to correct faults ignored in the 1960's. Multilayer coatings reduce the net loss to less than 1%, and aspherical and exotic refraction complete the list.


Another factor in the Leica mystique is designer intent. Focus sharpness is designed to fall off more gradually than most lenses, as you depart from the plane of sharpest focus. At wide apertures, sharp details (e.g., in faces) stand out, while portions further from the lens blend into unsharpness in a tasteful manner. The same lens at f/5.6 or f/8 (used by most mortals) is simply a sharp lens.

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This is a good example of what I consider the "Leica" look. An oldie of mine on Kodachrome, Leica M4 with a Leica 90mm collapsible Elmar f/4. Slightly muted colors, a touch of flare, sharp center tapering fade toward the edges of the frame.


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